Sun in Virgo sextile Moon in Cancer: domestic goddess

domestic goddessDuring Sun in Virgo season, it’s worth remembering this multi-faceted sign also represents harmonious home especially when making the aspect of opportunity with the Moon in Cancer, representing emotions and instincts centered on home. No one is more capable of running a household more efficiently than the Virgo domestic goddess.

Virgo is sometimes likened to the Roman Vestal Virgins who were also addressed “Virgo”, and who were required to remain virgins until the age 30 when they could choose to marry.

Vestals kept the sacred fire burning in their temple at the center of Rome, but their concerns were also the harvest and welfare of everyone, combining the fire and earth elements. Today’s Western astrology classifies Virgo as earth, and there’s much talk about the supposed chastity and staying single of this sign. It’s ruled by Mercury that’s usually associated with air, the mix possibly symbolizing the many facets of this sign. The only missing element is water, and Virgos are able to be helpful while remaining emotionally calm.

But this inner feeling of belonging to no one that many Virgos possess allows them not only to remain single until a relatively older age, it also allows them wiggle-room to seek many partners if they so choose.

Surprised? Observe the Virgos in your life – you may learn that the usual Virgo description only scratches the surface.

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