Full Moon in Aquarius – Leo:What do you need to let go of?

aqua leo full moonWhy should you care that today is Full Moon again? It happens every month, what’s the big deal? And it is a lunar eclipse, so what?

I recently spoke with a small group of people and they all wanted to know how to relate the zillions of Full Moon and New Moon forecasts constantly popping up on the web in relation to them, what does it mean to me? they asked. One person even said that was the reason she wanted to learn a little astrology.

It made me really stop and think, because like most astrologers, I have done those forecasts for each sign, too, they are here on this site as well.

Without being too too blunt about it, I think the honest answer is that astrologers want to drive traffic, or get people to come to their site, and ultimately order something. And without getting too high minded about it, that is the way of the world – you can’t keep doing real astrology unless you get paid for your time and effort. It takes hours and hours of work to prepare even that far too general forecast for each sign, and then you have to qualify it, if you’re real and honest, that it’s too general for anyone, and if you really want to know what it means to you personally, you need to get your personal chart done by a professional astrologer, or study astrology yourself.

So during this Full Moon, when it’s time to let go of that which hinders you, I’m letting go of my South Node in Leo conjunct Pluto in my 5th house this lunar eclipse touches closely, and decide to move more fully toward my North Node in Aquarius in my 11th house, where the Moon lies during this Full Moon period.

In English, that means letting go of things like needing to do it all on my own, perhaps having too much pride in being able to create on my own, letting go of obsessive romance, and concentrating on Aquarian concerns of equality and brotherhood – and sisterhood –  of all, welfare of the planet, groups, friendships, global concerns.

That’s my intention.

What do you need to let to of today?

Anyone needing help to find out where this Lunar Eclipse falls in their own chart, and what they need to let go of, please contact me via my email at anyasastology@yahoo.com, or leave a message here, free, all in the spirit of the Aquarian principles.


photo credit: sourcehealingastrology.com

2 thoughts on “Full Moon in Aquarius – Leo:What do you need to let go of?

  1. Nice post. I think is important for us (astrologers) to be recognised for our worth and paid for our time. I still have people that ask me to “just have a quick look” at their charts..


  2. Hello Anya, I am following your Blog for a while ,through Grandtrines, and I find it very interesting to learn from your deep knowledge, but it actually needs too long to understand astrology in depth . Is it possible to guide me where is this energies taking me , my birth date is 3rd July 1978. Beirut local time (Lebanon). Time: 3pm ; 3min.
    I know that my rising sign is Scorpio and sun sign is cancer. I have Antares on my second house of earned income ,and I Have always a constant change in my career .
    Will you please analyse my chart if you permit, thank you in advance.


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