NEW MOON in 10 degrees Leo August 2

New moon in Leo

NEW MOON in 10 degrees Leo on August 2, US Eastern time will bring lightness to the area it touches in your own chart, because Leo is the sign connected with generosity, warmth, and all things good for the heart. It’s also a playful sign, enjoying life is high on the list of priorities for the Leonine person. The New Moon is in a good, trine aspect to Saturn, adding stability and possibly long lasting effects!

If you don’t have planets in Leo, you’ll still have Leo in a house, or an area of your life, and this forecast is based on putting your Ascending sign of the forecast chart, at 0 degrees of each sign. To get the full meaning of what it means to you personally, you’ll need to assess the whole personal horoscope, drawn for the exact date, time, and place of birth.

For the sake of fun, and to give the chance for Pisces to go first, I’ve written this in the reverse order of the zodiac, to find your Ascending sign, just follow the signs in reverse order!

PISCES – Work and health are highlighted for you this month, especially with Saturn trine the New Moon conjunction in your 6th house. This can mean a happy boss giving you rewards, although Saturn is still retrograde, making its effects a little contradictory. Because at every New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are together, male and female energies and so relationships come to the forefront. For Pisces, this could mean romance at work, possibly even with the boss. With Neptune hovering on your Ascendant, though, try to be a bit cautious, though!

AQUARIUS – Romance is in the cards, possibly something longer lasting since the New Moon is in your 7th house of close personal relationship. Your marriage could see a pleasant few weeks until the next Full Moon at least, and with Saturn in your 11th house of dreams and also ideals, it’s possible to make something lasting, now, perhaps even  a proposal, something Aquarians are not easily drawn to since it demands commitment. But with the generous energies of the Lion illuminating your heart, you may go for it regardless! Neptune is in your 2nd house – be aware of any financial transactions, they may not be what they seem.

CAPRICORN – Leo sense of fun will lighten up your intimate relationships, with Sun and Moon together in the 8th house. And although Saturn, meaning responsibilities is in the 12th house of hidden worries, it’s in a great trine to the New Moon, so the fireworks can take effect in your bedroom, possibly with lasting effect. Neptune in your 3rd house can bring some confusion to your immediate surroundings, but on the other hand, it can just be uplifting thoughts.

SAGITTARIUS – The romantic Leo New Moon happens in your favorite section, the 9th house that your sign naturally rules, and that means long-distance travel or at least, having fun with your partner exploring nearby restaurants or museums about distant lands –  go for it! Saturn on your Ascendant adds a measure of seriousness to how you come across, so possibly this is a start of something longer-lasting, too. Neptune in your 4th house of may cause confusing events at home.

SCORPIO – This could see the start of something notable, you could receive recognition regarding what you aim to be known for, usually career as opposed to everyday work, since the New Moon happens in your 10th house, the highest point of a chart. And it’s in a trine to Saturn in 2nd house, so money could also flow. As always, Sun and Moon together also means relationships, and a new union with someone in a high position is possible now. Neptune is also in the 5th house of romance, strong in its own sign and in a little uncomfortable angle to the New Moon, and square Saturn, so try to exercise caution about any workplace romance!

LIBRA – Your favorite topic in the whole world – close personal relationships, even marriage – will see a new beginning with combined Sun and Moon illuminating the 7th house of your chart. It could mean a very pleasant month with your spouse or committed partner, and stability that you’re able to express in words because Saturn is in 3rd house, in a good aspect to this point. Everyday headaches may bring you some discomfort, but you’ll most likely see a happy beginning to the month!

VIRGO – It’s possible a lot of confusion is going on in your marriage or other long term committed relationship, with Neptune in your 7th, and in an aspect of discomfort to where the New Moon takes place, your 12th house of secrets. Saturn in the 4th also suggests trouble at home, although in a good trine to the combined Sun and Moon, so it may simply be that some temporary troubles in the home and family, the confusion that’s been going on, will have enough help from a stable, established home, to weather any possible storms. Stay steady and strong!

LEO – The Sun and Moon together in your very own sign will increase the warmth inherent in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun itself. You’ll simply exude enormous appeal, generosity, and people are attracted to you now, none more than the opposite sex, so you can take your pick if unattached, especially since Saturn in a good aspect adds stability to it from the 5th house of romance. If already committed, even married, this can be a new beginning in your relationship with your spouse. Make sure you check your joint finances though, with Neptune confusing your 8th house.

CANCER – The New Moon lights up your 2nd house of finances, but also your self-worth, and values, reminding you how you’re rewarded for your everyday work as expressed by Saturn in your 6th house. It is a trine, a good aspect, so try to find time to assess what’s really important in life, and you may just be able to increase your earning potential. Interference from someone from far way, or even your in-laws, or some long-held philosophical beliefs may come, but taking time to reassess who you really are will bring results in the end. This can also mean a new start in your close personal relationship.

GEMINI – Use your talent for communication with warmth and heart, since this New Moon happens in your 3rd house. A good place to start is in your own marriage, or with a committed partner, because Saturn the teacher is in your relationship sector, the 7th house, making a harmonious aspect to the New Moon. Try not to let the unclear communication from anyone in authority, like a boss, unsettle you. Neptune in the 10th house can mean reaching for your dreams, not necessarily that your dreams are confusing.

TAURUS – Good news, this may mean a new beginning at home with the Sun and Moon, symbolizing male and female in a good, trine aspect to Saturn in the 8th house of shared resources. They are in the fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, usually not so good for Taurus, but since for you this month, they mean stability, it’s a good thing! Neptune in the area of ideals and friends could show friendships might not be so ideal, or perhaps you’re idealizing them, and also it’s possible they may try to interfere in your homelife with the aspect of friction from Neptune to the New Moon point.

ARIES – New Moon energizes your 5th house of pleasures in life, romance, creativity, and children. In a good beginning for the month of August, and until the next New Moon in Virgo, with a culmination mid-way with Full Moon, romance may start, reach and peak in one month if you go with your basic Aries energy that doesn’t really like long term and burns out quickly. It’s possible in-laws or others in distant countries offer assistance with Saturn in your 9th, or it could mean your own philosophical or spiritual values help. In any case, with Neptune hovering on your 12th house cusp, something you’d rather hide may come to light now.


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