leo in love

LEO, the sign that symbolizes royalty, by extension brings something regal to relationships.

Venus and Mars are the main players in the stage of relationships, as well as the astrological 7th and 5th houses. This post is about Venus in Leo with other signs.

Venus symbolizes what relationships mean to you, how you express love, and for a man, what kind of a lover he wants. For a woman, it’s how she sees herself as a lover.

Mars describes your energy and passion, for both men and women. In each sign, it shows how you go after your partner, and how you act in a relationship, especially in the bedroom – hot – or not. In a woman’s chart, it shows what kind of man she’s attracted to on a very basic sexual level, and in a man’s chart, how he sees himself as the male in a relationship.

The 7th house shows your marriage or other long term intimate partnerships, and 5th house is shorter term romance, your dating style. The 5th is actually the natural Leo house, ruled by the Sun.

Venus in Leo persons, women and men want to gift their loved one with luxury items and a royal lifestyle, even if for a moment, and even if it’s just a trip to the theater or a single gold chain. It’s in their nature to be in the center of action. They are well suited to living up to the ancient role of the regent as bringer of gifts and the protector of their subjects.

So this style of Venus love goes well with the other fire Sun signs, Sagittarius and Aries, and if their partner’s Mars is also in Leo, there will be fireworks since it’s a conjunction, and more steady fire if in the other fire signs since a trine flows more harmoniously.

Venus in Leos can also be compatible with Gemini, or Libra Sun signs, all in the air element, and if the partner’s Mars is also in those signs, there’s a big opportunity for a lasting attraction.

It can be a difficult affair with Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius Sun signs, because they are all fixed, meaning they stick to their guns and don’t be so easily taken in by gifts, but there can be a strong attraction. If the partner’s Mars is in those signs, sexual attraction is strong, but fights can easily follow. If the other partner’s Mars is in Aquarius, it’s an opposition and in a partnership, can be more lasting, as the opposites attract and complement each other.

Venus in Leo with Cancer or Pisces Sun signs relationships can be troubled, although for a while, fun. Both signs have a fun side, and will be flattered by the Leo generosity and attention. If their Mars is in Leo or Pisces, there’s a trine, or a very compatible combination, and then the Sun signs could work better – providing other things in the horoscopes gel, including Sun-Moon-Ascendant, and very importantly, Saturn aspects. Saturn is important in anything that lasts.

Venus in Leo person might not go well with Virgo Sun person in the longer run, since she or he will be put off by ostentatious displays, and the constant need to be in the limelight. But if their Mars is in Leo, encounters of the hot kind are in the cards.

Leo Venus with Leo Sun goes well, but the question in the longer run could be, who’s in charge here? But the love will be there, and if Mars is also in Leo, or Sagittarius, Aries, or even in Libra or Gemini, chances are good for success, if other things in the synastry show it.

Mars in Leo in a relationship with each sign to follow.

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