Sun enters Leo: let the games begin!

Sun in Leo

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When you think of Leo, think of the lion: majestic, regal, the king or queen of their realm! In astrology, Leo is a fixed fire sign, and that gives anyone who was born with the Sun or many other planets in Leo a very regal air. Sometimes, it can be dormant for a while, but think of that famed story of Simba in Lion King – he eventually found his royal side.

Leos are centers of activity, where people gather, with the Leo person in the center, where he or she can bestow favors – or not – according to his or her wishes. And there can be very generous gifts, invites to continued parties, outings, and fun, a real courtly feeling can develop around a strong Leo personality. And people often simply gravitate to them, to be able to bask in that sunny glory, and in astrology, the sign Leo is ruled by the Sun itself.

If for some reason, the Leo person is ignored, or sometimes imagines he or she has been ignored, massive sulking can happen, and a then the Leo is not a happy purring kitten anymore! Watch out for those claws to come out if the cat’s rubbed the wrong way!  You may find yourself cast out of the sunny circle, alone and sad, or that’s at least how it may feel at the time.

Watching and observing your own domestic cat or kitten will teach you a lot about a Leo person. You love your kitty’s grace, beauty, the way they know just how to stretch into the most comfortable position to observe life, how they act as if you owe them a favor because they deign to live with you.

Sun in Leo month starts July 23 until August 23 this year, 2016. Keep checking for more Leo stuff to come: Leo in relationship with each other sign, what Venus or Mars in Leo brings to a relationship, and New Moon August 2, and Full Moon lunar eclipse August 18 in Leo month forecasts. During Leo Sun Full Moon, the Moon is actually in its opposite sign, Aquarius, of course!

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