Full Moon in Capricorn themes for each sign

full moon in Capricorn

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Full Moon July 19 in 27 degrees Capricorn / Cancer will see things coming to a resolution or culmination of some sort, depending on where the Moon and the Sun fall in your personal birth chart. I’m listing Cancer as well, because the Sun is in 27 degrees Cancer, forming an opposition to the Moon, something that happens at every Full Moon, of course.
The symbolism for Capricorn is power, males, authority, and for Cancer softness, gentleness, females, caring among other things. The Sabian symbol for 27 Capricorn is a mountain pilgrimage, and for 27 Cancer, a violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes. This can symbolize the contrast between spiritual values and material values.
This Full Moon makes you look inside, to see better what you really value. As always, Sun and Moon together have relationship flavor – this is more about family, the roles of mother and father. With the rebellious Uranus squaring both, something comes out of the blue to upset the balance, and it is also in quincunx, and aspect of agitation and profound irritation with the already energized Mars in Scorpio that’s only recently turned direct. Thank goodness the Moon and Sun are both in a harmonious relationship with Uranus, the world doesn’t need any more sudden upsets!
Full and New Moon forecasts apply for about two weeks, until the next lunation. Below, you can read what this means to you personally according to your Ascending sign mostly. But for a real, full astrological view, you’ll need your personal horoscope that takes into account your date, time, and place of birth and the positions of all your personal planets and points.
ARIES – Uranus is on your Ascendant, and Moon and Sun in your cardinal points, MC and 4th house, showing unexpected outbursts and fights at home, involving how you assert yourself personally, and also outside status and career. This is quite a handful for anyone, and if you’re young still at home, this is rebellious time against your parents. For the parents, exerting your authority can prove a challenge during this Full Moon. Mars is in your 8th house, showing that perhaps sharing is the key for the whole family. But with Uranus agitating that Mars, the explosive energy is ripe. Finding balance through gentle understanding of Cancer and more authoritarian persuasion of Capricorn will work best.
TAURUS – The Moon will be in your 3rd house of brothers and sisters and communication, and the Sun in your 9th of higher mind, philosophy and spiritual horizons, so the dilemma here can be between what’s here and now and you can touch, and what you believe in in a broader sense of the word. Uranus is agitating Mars in your 7th house, causing relationship friction and possibly fights, and even acting in an underhand, unexpected way to stir trouble. Energy runs high during any Full Moon – for you this time, with the Sun and Moon both in harmony with Mars while also opposing each other, it seems inevitable you’ll be very emotional, but able to hold it with both reason and intuition.
GEMINI – The Moon is in 8th, and the Sun in 2nd house, showing issues with money and other shared resources – if married or in a committed relationship, one of you, most likely the female wants to share more, and the other, most likely male, wants to be more focused on making money on his own. Friends could also be meddling at work since Uranus in 11th is agitating Mars in 6th, but try to cool it with putting much energy into your work and plan on sharing more. Jupiter, the planet of higher mind and optimism is trine Sun and sextile Moon – try acting and sharing philosophically.
CANCER – This is a big relationship lunation for you, bringing up love with Mars in 5th house of romance, and sudden change in status with Uranus in 10th at the top of your chart. Could it be that final commitment is in the air? Jupiter makes a trine to the Moon, your own ruling planet from the 3rd house of communication, igniting expansive moods and far-reaching communication. This time could also see some conflict between me here first, you there in relationship with me with the 1st-7th house axis, but all in all some ease, with sudden turns are in the cards.
LEO – The Sun is in the house of secrets, the 12th, and this area of life is very different from your usual expansive, exuberant energy that likes to be with people, but you may want to run and hide during this Full Moon. It could be someone at work, a female, or maybe your wife is causing some kind of an upheaval. With Uranus in 9th squaring Sun/Moon, someone from overseas could also be stirring up trouble quite unexpectedly. But Leo, with your customary sunniness, and ability to rule with a smile, you’ll be able to put your energy to sorting things out at home, where Mars is at the moment for you.
VIRGO – The Moon is in your 5th of romance, the Sun in 11th of friends, maybe you are experiencing a push-pull between the two? Uranus in the 8th is bringing sudden urgency to the sexual aspect and other sharing in your relationship, maybe your partner is demanding commitment or else? At the same time, Mars allows you to negotiate in the 3rd house of communication and in good aspect with both the Sun and Moon, and Jupiter on your Ascendant is a definite boost for your self-confidence that can be shaky at times. It’s in a good aspect with the Full Moon, so don’t be afraid to be who you are, and tell as it is from your point of view.
LIBRA – While the Full Moon takes place prominently on your cardinal MC/IC axis, bringing attention to status and career, and Uranus making it uneasy hovering on the 7th house of relationships, you can still find a peaceful solution via Jupiter in 12th house, that’s acting as a kind of guardian angel peace maker in this situation. Uranus keeps agitating Mars in the second, bringing focus to money matters in not so good way, but with Jupiter and Mars helping the relationship, don’t worry. Trust universe, ask your angels to help!
SCORPIO – The Sun is in the 9th house looking for a higher vision, while the Moon is involved in the everyday activities in the 3rd house of neighborhood and close environment, so what gives? You’re longing to travel far and wide as well in the physical sense, but the Moon pulls you back to dealing with the here and now. Friends could come to the rescue with Jupiter in 11th and in good aspect with Sun/Moon, and while Mars on your Ascendant is making you energetic but also cranky, it can be made to work with goodwill and you curbing your urge to explode, especially with Uranus irritating from the 6th house of everyday living. Breathe!
SAGITTARIUS – Culmination of shared resources – and sexual matters – is coming with the 2nd /8th house axis involvement, and it could be a sudden exiting romance because Uranus is in your 5th house, and this could be a threat to your existing, long term relationship. Although this is not new to the Sagittarian who can be often searching for greener pastures, this time, with Uranus ominously making an irritating aspect to Mars, something can come to light you’d rather keep a secret. Jupiter is in your 10th house of authority, so someone could interfere in a good way to help the situation.
CAPRICORN – With the Sun in 7th and Moon in 1st, your close intimate relationship comes into focus under this powerful Full Moon. Your instinct is to act by being the boss, something that comes so naturally to Capricorn, while something tells you deep down it’s time to give in a relationship. Which wins? Jupiter in 9th asks, what are your real beliefs, and Uranus in 4th – well this can be unsettling at home. Help could come from friends and associations because Mars is in 11th house, but watch out for explosions that could come out from nowhere, upsetting your domestic situation. Try to see the philosophical, spiritual side of this now, simply rise above it.
AQUARIUS – Your ruler Uranus is sending discord to both your work area and also to where you like to retreat to be alone, something that doesn’t happen very often to Aquarians, so for you the question becomes, what do I really want? It’s unusual for you to want to alone, but with the Moon in 12th, and Uranus in square, things will be different for the time being even for the friends-loving, social Aquarius. If you consciously direct your energy to your work with Sun in 6th and Mars in good aspect from 10th house, it will help.
PISCES – This Full Moon from 11th to 5th house is highlighting friendships versus love relationship, issues that have been going on, with something surprising coming out of the blue, regarding your values since Uranus is in your 2nd house, square the Moon and Sun both. Jupiter is in your 7th house, and in a good aspect to the Full Moon, so it seems you’re seeking long term commitment, and it will be very good for you, brining you happiness and joy. Mars is in your long distance sector, so maybe a vacation if your finances allow is the ticket.

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