Uranus quincunx Mars: Sudden good action

unexpexted good actionPhoto credit Thomas Fernandez

Uranus quincunx Mars in the skies or natally can create a lot of tension, especially if it touches planets or points in your personal birth chart. Right now, Uranus is at 24 degrees Aries, and Mars is at 24 degrees Scorpio, a 150 angle known as quincunx. It’s called minor aspect, but if you have this in your chart, you’ll know it, especially between two potentially explosive planets, Mars and Uranus.

The signs that form quincunxes are often said not to have anything in common, they’re in those in-between signs that form major aspects, but they can really feel uncomfortable, like an unbearable itch or irritation that’s there constantly, and you can only ignore it for so long.

Mars in Scorpio wants to act with measured power, while Uranus in Aries is unpredictable, acting on impulse, but definitely taking action. Then they agitate each other, there can be real fights and arguments out of nowhere. At the same time, this also generates much energy that can be used for good too.

In fact, quincunxes ask us to somehow find a balance between two unbearably different urges within your psyche. In this case, Scorpio and Aries actually do have something in common, they are both ruled or connected to the planet Mars, something that’s not usually the case with other signs. For example, if the quincunx was from Pisces to Libra, they don’t have anything in common.

With today’s Uranus-Mars combo, the key can be to use your energy in a constructive way, since Mars symbolizes energy and action. You can act on impulse if that impulse is to do good.

In the long run, if you have quincunxes in your chart, maybe even forming a Finger of God or Yod configuration when two planets form quincunxes to one planets, and in addition are in sextile to each other, you simply have to address what it symbolizes, because this aspect can cause such unease it can make you unwell.

So today’s theme, if this touches your chart, is act impulsively for good!

2 thoughts on “Uranus quincunx Mars: Sudden good action

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    Snipers killing police in Dallas, Bastille Day murders in Nice, and a coupe (or attempted coupe?) in Turkey. Mars Quincunx Uranus.


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