Venus enters Leo: love magnified

Venus in LeoLooking for excitement in love? With Venus entering Leo today, look no further!

Venus symbolizes love, how you love, how you see yourself in a relationship as a lover if a woman, and for men, this is what your lady love will embody, ideally: An exciting, fascinating, fabulous, glamorous woman who loves to have fun, to go out, and to be on display with all the bells and whistles you can wish for. If you want to win this woman’s heart, bring her expensive gifts of jewelry and perfume, preferably gold, a very Leo metal.

She’ll love you with passion and abandonment, giving her all, certain that the world revolves around the grand passion of the two of you.

It is good to keep in mind that Leo’s symbol is the lion, and by extension, all cats. And we all know what happens when you rub the cat the wrong way… it bites and scratches.

If your Leo love feels he or she has been neglected for any reason, she or he will sulk or worse. She or he needs to know they are the center of their lover’s world, and what’s more, in control of it.

If that control starts to slip… the purring cat may just turn into a roaring lion. But remember, those felines can also be tamed…

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