Uranus square Mars, trine Pluto -let peace win!

conflict resolution

Things could get tricky with the explosive Uranus in Aries square the strong, passionate Mars in Scorpio. Conflicts, fights, arguments, explosions are in the cards.

But as always, there’s a choice: At the same time, the same excitable Uranus is also trine Pluto, bringing to mind the old song, “Give Peace a Chance!”

Pluto is about revolutions and violent upheavals, but it can also bring much needed transformation. It’s in a good relationship with that Mars, from Capricorn, although a little wider in orb – but the chance is there.

We can all choose every time whether to tune into the road that leads to violence and conflict, or be the peacekeepers.

Even peacekeepers bring about much needed, profound changes, without tuning to the inherent violence in the Uranus-Mars aspect. Strangely enough, Pluto also can bring peace if used right. Think Gandhi, for example!

3 thoughts on “Uranus square Mars, trine Pluto -let peace win!

  1. Could you provide a chart illustrating the square of Uranus in Aries to Mars in Scorpio? (I am unfamiliar with such a pattern.)


    1. Hi, I’m sorry if this is confusing. I am using my own natal chart for this posting, not what’s happening in the skies. These pattern is going on regarding my own natal chart. Please let me know if you need more info, and in future, i’ll make sure I’ll mention if it’s what’s happening between planets in transit, or transit to natal chart. My Mars is in Capricorn, and my Pluto is in Leo.

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      1. That makes MUCH more sense! Transiting Uranus square Natal Mars; transiting Mars square Natal Pluto. THAT must be tough!

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