Venus trine Mars: Primal instinct – to love?

hot couple

What is primal instinct and what is love? So many things go under love – primal instinct is a little easier to define.

I think it’s true to say that the primal instinct for our species, or any species, is to survive. So procreation, self-preservation. Venus with Mars really activates both.

During the days when the soft, caring Venus in Cancer gels so well with the hard-to-stop Mars in Scorpio, more than a few of the human species go in search of a mate, and that means as in romance or at least sex.

Psychologists, spiritual teachers, wise people, not so wise people all can expound what love is, but everyone knows on gut – yes primal – level that finding a mate of the opposite sex (for what still seems the majority, but it seems to also apply to same-sex couples) is what moves and shakes most people, after finding food, drink, and shelter.

Whether it’s just hormones or ‘real’ love is always debatable, but even ‘real’ love includes sex.

With Venus trine Mars in the skies and Scorpio involved, not much thought may go into that, as the world knows. Who cares when your primal instinct – always consensual is what I’m talking about – takes over to love?

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