New Moon in Cancer July 4

New moon July 4

NEW MOON takes place on USA’s birthday, July 4, and it’s an important event for the country – and also those who live there. As always during new moons, Sun and Moon are together, this time in 12 degrees Cancer. For anyone born on this day, a new beginning is promised, especially since it trines Neptune and opposes Pluto. Pluto is about endings and rebirth, and Neptune in a good aspect promises dreams can become true. Sometimes it can be traumatic to let go of the past, but Pluto ensures this is what will happen in the opposition to the New Moon point.

Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or a stellium in 12 Cancer, or the other cardinal signs of Capricorn, Aries, and Libra will be most affected by this powerful New Moon.

Find out below what area of life affects most the other signs. For a full picture of how this affects you personally, you’ll need to get your personal horoscope done, with your date, time, and place of birth. Check the Services page here.

ARIES – If you’ve been thinking of moving, now’s a good time. It may be best to do it before external circumstances like a boss makes the decision for you. Sun and Moon together in your home sector also promise male/female harmony at home – however, with the Pluto opposition from the 10th house, hunker down with your honey for that extra comfort. With Neptune in 12th house offering assistance, retreating and meditation will bring solace to you as a couple. If single, the same applies, although you’re thrown more back on your own resources and with the Pluto promising a clean start, you may well clear the space for a new man or woman to come to your life. Dream big!

TAURUS – Thinking of traveling during the big US holiday July 4th? Stick close to home, because the New Moon takes place in your 3rd house of neighborhood, short distance travel and community. Venturing further with Pluto hovering in the 9th house of long distances may bring unwanted results, or at least fights with your loved ones. Block parties, family and friends are the way to go during this New Moon for you, Taurus! Neptune from the 11th house of friends and associations is assisting to make this a memorable celebration.

GEMINI – Sun and Moon together in your money sector, and opposed by the powerful Pluto from its own house, the 8th, this promises to be fireworks in more sense than the traditional July 4th Independence celebrations in USA. Money, shared money, sex, partnerships issues will come to some kind of a culmination with Pluto configured, and the new beginning is more to do with your personal values, how you appreciate yourself as a person, as opposed to being in a relationship. At the same time, love, relationship, and powerful sensuality is ignited now. With Neptune in the 10th of high status and career aims, it could be that you’re offered your dream job that affects you more than your partner, giving you a new start in life and love.


CANCER – It may come to some serious in-depth stuff with you long term relationship because Pluto opposes the Sun and Moon together on your Ascendant. But not to worry, it’s there to ‘clean house’ so to speak, take it as an opportunity to bring up all the hidden resentments that may have been niggling at the back of your mind. Cancerians are extraordinarily sensitive, usually reluctant to confront, so your partner may be taken by surprise – as well as yourself – when the heightened emotions of this New Moon touch off quarrels. Neptune in your 9th house of long distance travel is offering a way out: suggest that dream vacation to your honey, and you may start to rebuild what’s being torn away by Pluto.

LEO – The New Moon happens in your 12th house that symbolizes your subconscious, hidden things, and sometimes, secret enemies. This could see a new beginning at least on the deep mind level if you’ve been carrying the torch for someone unattainable perhaps in secret. This could be someone who’s already married, and not even aware of your burning desire. With Pluto opposing it from the 6th house, some kind of transformation of your everyday life situation, including work will affect how this plays out. Neptune is in your 8th house of shared resources, sexuality and deep connections. While this can be glamorous liaisons, it’s best to keep all your affairs above board now. It can be your subconscious giving you the initial nudge to make the move you’ve been planning.

VIRGO – The 5th house Pluto beckons you to deep, sometimes forbidden romance, and it’s going contrary to the New Moon in your 11th house, of friendships, group associations, and what concerns mankind at large. With Neptune adding to the lure of romance and one-on-one relationships from the 7th house, with this New Moon, you’ll feel torn between lovers and friends. With the powerful outer planets activating your romantic sectors, very possibly, they’ll win in this situation – however, with the basic Virgo desire to stick to what’s known, you may decide to have fun with a group of friends instead.

LIBRA – This lunation may see a relationship start with someone in authority: a boss, someone who’s got high status, or someone you simply just really look up to, with Sun and Moon together in your 10th house. However, Pluto opposes these from the 4th house, symbolizing your home and deep down roots. It’s possible your inner fears and long-buried resentments in your subconscious that you thought were forgotten interfere, and you’ll pull back from this new start. It may be wise – Neptune is in your 6th house of work and everyday life. This romance could easily backfire with others at work throwing Neptunian confusion, deception, and illusion over the scenario. Stay clear-headed, this is not going to last forever! If it’s meant to be, it will be there if you wait for a more opportune time.

SCORPIO – To get away from the everyday humdrum interference of siblings, other close relatives, neighbors, and assorted community members who may be keeping taps on you, taking a long distance trip could be just the ticket. New horizons in the form of either a new or renewed relationship, especially with glamorous Neptune assisting from the 5th house of romance are a big possibility. Be aware malicious gossip could continue in the neighborhood, but don’t let it spoil your getaway. Also, it could be your romantic interest is not entirely straightforward with what he or she may be up to when you’re not looking.

SAGITTARIUS – Sagittarians don’t like to stay put for long, but with this New Moon in your 8th house opposing Pluto in your 2nd, things regarding tangible resources, both individual and held jointly, can force you to stay. Someone may be confusing the situation from your home, or extended family. You’ll likely want to get away from it all, possibly with your close partner, and this New Moon will heighten your sensuality and sexuality as well. This does feel like you’d best just stay, sort out what needs to be sorted regarding material things and money, face the music, and then – move on.

CAPRICORN – Weighing your individual needs and especially the need to be in control versus the happiness that comes from being in an long term committed relationship comes under scrutiny with this New Moon in your 7th and Pluto in your 1st house. This can mean a new beginning of sorts if you’re already in a relationship, or start of a new one if unhitched up to now. Capricorn is a serious sign, and in the final analysis, takes commitment in relationship very seriously. Just sometimes, the Capricornian ambition and power issues can win – with Neptune in your 3rd house giving assistance, set time aside to simply communicate with your partner, or potential partner. Spelling out the ground rules in a relationship can be beneficial.

AQUARIUS – With Pluto in the 12th house, secrets may come to light during this New Moon, happening in your 6th house of work, service, and everyday living. The 12th house is also the house of secret enemies – sometimes they can be your own subconscious fears and projections that act as your own worst enemies. The 6th promises a new beginning regarding your everyday life, be it a new relationship that could start at workplace, a new job, or health concerns lifting up, but make sure you are aware of any undercurrents you may sense spell someone is not being straight with you. With Neptune in 2nd house, money matters come under scrutiny, and again, make sure you read and double-read before signing anything.

PISCES – Romance is very possible with this sensitive Cancer Sun/Moon energy in your 5th house. Neptune in your 1st may confuse you, though, as you’re likely to see your new love interest – or an existing one – through rose-colored glasses now. Or you could be feeling extra glamorous yourself, seeking escape through partying and too much fun. Neptune here can also make your more artistic or spiritual. Pluto in your 11th house may offer resistance to your newly-found exciting adventures in the form of perhaps well-meaning, but stick-in-the-mud friends, but Pisces is usually capable of simply ignoring it, and moving on, something that’s advisable now.


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