Neptune sextile Pluto: Opportunity to transform

opportunity to transformIt pays to dream although we all know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. And plenty of times, others are only too happy to tell you ‘get your feet on the ground’.

If you live your whole life in dreams, it’s not so good.

If you live your whole life only interested in what you can experience through your five senses, it’s not so good either.

The world needs both dreamers and people who deal with the tangible, but the best would be to have a mix within you, or at least that’s another dream.

When Neptune, the planet of dreams gives Pluto, the planet of re-birth and transformation, even transmutation, a nudge to go for it, they can dream a beautiful opportunity. So knock on that door, or even better, make  a door if one doesn’t appear! It’s time to make it happen.

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