Second Full Moon in Sagittarius this year

SagittariusThe second Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place June 20 7:02 am Eastern US time, in the last, 29 degrees of the sign. The Sun opposite the Moon is still in Gemini, a hair’s breadth away from moving to Summer Solstice at 0 degrees Cancer. This is an important point, one of the cardinal angles that started at Spring Equinox. The Full Moon so close to this brings to culmination things that may not have quite been resolved at the last Sagittarius Full Moon in the 1st degree of Sagittarius May 21. In a way, this is a chance to re-do what was not fully finished during the last Sagittarius Full Moon.

With Sagittarius the philosopher and explorer opposite Gemini the whizz kid, issues like ‘what’s real, my rational mind or intuition?’ come up. At summer solstice, daylight is longest in Northern hemisphere. It’s a time also to celebrate the eternal dance of the feminine/masculine, symbolized by the Sun and Moon opposing each other in the skies. Many cultures have traditionally celebrated the solstice with rituals and forecasting – here’s what this may mean for each sign. For a full picture of what your birth chart shows, please check here.

ARIES – This Full Moon takes place in 9/3rd houses, although it’s almost touching the 10th house cusp or MC, an important cardinal angle at 0 degrees Capricorn, taking on the energy of both houses. Changes are shown in your career direction as directed by your changing thought patterns. You may think of going along with something more in keeping with your beliefs and intuition, although your rational side pulls you back to being more careful. With relationships, this push-pull can be more verbal – there can be teasing with your partner, or your travel plans may conflict, but this is a culmination of what you’ve planned as a couple for some time, maybe a decision to get hitched as a status change is shown.

TAURUS – Just before moving to 3rd house, Sun and Moon oppose each other across your 2nd/8th house axis, bringing in sexuality, values, and changing direction, with both houses involved. What started around the beginning of May New Moon will now finally find culmination after the hesitation and incompleteness at the last Sagittarius Full Moon May 21. It could be new thoughts and ideas in the form of meditation and looking for deeper meaning also reflect in your relationship – change is in the air.

GEMINI – Close personal relationships come under scrutiny with the full moon across your 1st-7th house axis. Changeable Moon, symbolizing your moods and emotions is about to go to the 8th house of shared resources, Sun is about to go to 2nd. Combined with the strong Solstice energy, it could well mean tying the knot with your loved one is in the air. It’s likely one of you will feel more philosophical and thinking of the big picture, while the other is a little stuck-in-the mud, maybe thinking of the added responsibility that may result. At any rate, decision of some kind is shown now.

CANCER – Although technically in 12th/6th house, this full moon brings in also the 1st/7th house for you, Cancer, making it an interesting mix of something hidden coming to light regarding your close personal relationship such as marriage. If you’ve been keeping secrets, be prepared this is the time for them to come to light as the combined solar and lunar energies illuminate what’s been going on behind the scenes. It may all come to verbal clearing the air with your loved one, but in the longer run, it becomes a debate about higher values in a relationship versus individual needs.

LEO – Love affairs and other pleasures in life shown by the 5th house mix with the 6th house concerns of everyday stuff like how will this fit with my work schedule come under strong light under this Full Moon. It will also bring in concerns over is your loved one really the one for you, in the light of cold harsh daylight and responsibilities. Your heart and emotions may pull you into one direction with the Moon in 5th in Sagittarius, while the 11th house Sun in Gemini is more concerned with having fun with friends and groups. It’s a good moment to take a breath, Leo, because the Sun is about to start its voyage across your 12th house of secrets and inner search, sometimes leading to withdrawing even for the social Leo.

VIRGO – Home concerns mix with your love affairs, with the Full Moon illuminating your home sector of 4th house, but about to go to 5th of romance. Someone at home who you care about may be demanding your attention and energy, while the pull of love wants to take you out to party with you honey. It may come to your philosophy and spiritual ideas pulling you to one direction, and your more rational thinking pulling you to even further: is this career really so important versus home, and maybe happiness is with friends after all – these are questions that culminate in a decision about what to do regarding family and love versus career and friends.

LIBRA – To move to somewhere far away, at least temporarily as in vacation, or to stay at home are the subject of debate between you and your loved one that comes to some kind of flash point during this strong Full Moon in 3/4th and 9/10th houses. She may want to stay nearer to home, maybe preferring shorter culturally oriented trips, he may want to travel far away to just get away for a while, or vice versa. But with the Libran balance, you’ll be able to find a solution now, after much mental – and verbal – debate.

SCORPIO – As if being a Scorpio wasn’t enough with those churning emotions about shared resources in a relationship, this Full Moon heightens the emotions around what’s mine and what’s yours, and what do we share? Something’s egging one of you at least to move on, at the same time the deep loyalty characteristic of this sign won’t allow for that easily. Just so you won’t be fooled, loyalty doesn’t always mean total fidelity, and the Full Moon across this very sexual angle and going to the two travel and movement houses shows relationships may come to a full stop now. But if both parties are sufficiently evolved, the culmination reached now may just be a full, emotional agreement about where the relationship is heading.

SAGITTARIUS – Is this the time to consolidate our resources, as in maybe even getting married, is the question that one or both of you in a relationship could raise during the Full Moon in your 7/1st houses, about to go into 8th/2nd. Philosophical questions about what it means to be one versus being one of a couple are a concern. While rational considerations tell you that together all things material will be better, there’s something about the Sagittarius’ love of freedom that’s hesitating. This will come to a culmination and decision of some kind during the solstice Moon, a new start.

CAPRICORN – Everyday concerns like work that occupy much of Capricorn’s life come under full scrutiny with the Full Moon across the 12/6th and 1/7th axis. Is this practical, and how does it fit with my philosophy of life are questions you may be asking of yourself and your partner, if you have one. If not, this is a time when you’ll be likely to decide it’s time to find one, with the partnership issues coming strongly up during the powerful Summer Solstice. If there’s something you’ve been keeping secret, now’s the time to clear the decks with your loved one and then move on with clean conscience.

AQUARIUS – Your need for change is pulling you towards your usual habitat, with friends and groups, while something deep inside is now yearning for deeper one on one commitment or at least exclusive dating with the Sun in Gemini in your 5th. However, concerns over job may interfere, and there’s yet another pull that’s quite unfamiliar to the sociable Aquarius: the need to take a breather and go to some kind of seclusion for a while. During this Solstice Full Moon, you’ll reach a decision that’s been brewing up some time now.

PISCES – Obligations and responsibilities at home are pulling you back from what could have been career advancement, and you’re thinking of having more fun anyway with friends – or with your loved one – now that the Full Moon Solstice combined energy pulls you to both directions. Pisceans are not that concerned with worldly advance in general, but the 11th house beckons, asking you to put your compassion to some noble, worthy cause benefitting mankind. At the same time, while moving away from the stay-at-home energy, you’ll also want to explore the romance that’s been a little in the backburner, and during this Full Moon, decisions will be made, one way or the other.


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