Cancer in relationship with each other sign


CANCER – This sign is deeply emotional. Those born under Cancer are usually very attached to their mothers and by extension, to their family, extended family, and their own country. Their loyalties always stay with those they grew up with, with Cancerians there’s no question about it. Many can be confused by Cancer’s seemingly tough, even unemotional demeanor, but remember, it’s symbol is the crab: inside the hard shell it shows to the outside world, is a emotional, sensitive person who dislikes conflict, and is scared of being hurt.

Some born under this sign can show the Neptunian side – after all, crab is a creature of the ocean. Then, all bets are off as it comes to partying and having fun. But most Cancer are too attached to the status quo to want to rock it too much. They make excellent counselors and teachers because of their inborn empathy with others, and ability to take care of those in need. The word ‘mothering’ could have been invented to describe one of Cancer’s main characteristics.

In a relationship, expect deep commitment, your physical and emotional needs to be taken care of, plenty of good home cooking, and affection. Just make sure your Cancer person won’t feel betrayed somehow, because then she or he will retreat back to their shell. It can be tough to get them to come out again.

Below is a brief description of Cancer in relationship with all other signs. For more complete picture or your own relationship, you’ll need full birth chart comparison between you and your partner, you can find how here in this site.



CANCER MAN WITH ARIES WOMAN – These two will most probably have an ongoing battle over who really makes the decisions in the relationship. Aries woman likes to visible and is not afraid to take charge, while Cancer man is more subtle, but nevertheless wants to also be in charge, at least of some things. It can work if they agree on ground rules, especially about home and his mother and family, but if Aries woman feels he doesn’t put her first, it can be tough going. For love to last, it’s a real give and take every day.

CANCER WOMAN WITH ARIES MAN– These two cardinal signs can possibly make it work, if they agree to retreat to textbook old-fashioned roles of provider – homemaker. Cardinal signs like to lead, but if the areas where they lead are different, there can be enough room for a partnership. But Aries man is direct and likes immediate action – Cancer woman doesn’t want to reveal her motives, and takes a long time to make an actual move – you figure it out. They can make sweet music together with his masculine passion mixing with her sensitivity and caring. Love tip: Learn to appreciate people are different, and express your appreciation for the other’s talents frequently.



CANCER MAN WITH TAURUS WOMAN – He’s sensitive and caring, and also with an eye for keeping the family finances on the straight and narrows, she’s sensual, takes care of business both in the household and outside, so this can be a very good match. The water sign Cancer can rely on the quiet strength and reliability of the Taurus woman, something he craves for ever since leaving his home and mother’s care. She, on the other hand, can be content providing just that. Together, they’ll bring creature comforts and a feeling of security to each other. For love to last, express frequent appreciation for how safe and good you feel with each other.

CANCER WOMAN WITH TAURUS MAN – She’s the dream of the Taurean man who wants to be taken care of in a very basic sense, and she’s the master of that quite naturally. She’ll love to cook and keep house for her man, and he’ll love coming home to her after hard day’s work at the bank – or any other secure, safe, stable work. They could also start a business together to last for generations to come – a home based business like farming, interior decorating, even accounting can work well. Love advice, keep trusting that he will indeed be the rock you believe him to be.



CANCER MAN WITH GEMINI WOMAN – Emotions meet intellect, sensitivity versus matter-of-fact. These can describe a lot about the interaction between these two very different personality types. He can be attracted to the Gemini woman’s charm and versatility, but when he becomes emotional, this lady’s reaction will leave him baffled and hurt. She, on the other hand is put off by his constant need to explore feelings and stay at home cuddling comfortably. In short, not a very good match, but all depends on the rest of the chart comparison. To give love a chance, Cancer man needs to acknowledge there’s a time to be emotional – and not, and Gemini woman may try to explore why this man is so clingy – with compassion.

CANCER WOMAN WITH GEMINI MAN – Her emotionality is even stronger that her male counterparts – she simply lives in the realm of sensitive emotions, intuitive compassion, and taking care of loved ones. He, on the other hand, while charming and lively, will most likely soon feel smothered by all her efforts that may feel like he’s being hemmed in. When she starts to cry at the drop of a hat over everything, he may head to brighter pastures. She’s a more loyal type – it may take a long time for her to get over it. Love advice: please learn facts about how people are different, and both lean to accept and appreciate the other one’s gifts.






These two will have a grand time together being all emotional, sensitive, and caring, but at some point, it may all become too much for both, and they’ll want to seek others who provide a counterpart to their need to be assured of their partner’s love constantly.

Other things in their charts permitting, this can be a very good match – there’s a very basic, caring understanding of each other’s needs, and both are likely to take an equal part in taking care of home, each other, and family, especially mothers.



CANCER MAN WITH LEO WOMAN – She’s so glamorous and full of fun, at first she may take his breath away. In many ways, these two signs are almost studies in contrast. He’s a water, cardinal, feminine sign, and she’s a fire, fixed, and masculine sign. Masculine and feminine in this context are sign descriptions, all signs are either one or the other, meaning their mode of behavior is more outward, or inward. Leo woman definitely likes to be out there partying – Cancer man will start yearning for the home fires very quickly, and they can end up going their different ways. However, both are emotional in their own ways, so they can understand that side. For love to last, build on shared emotional exchanges, when you’re not fighting.

CANCER WOMAN WITH LEO MAN – She’s all raw emotions and needy, he’s the king of his domain, demanding adulation. While she is capable and often willing to bask in the glory of his sunlight, remaining home in the supporting role, eventually it gets old. As for Leo man, he’s likely happy with his caring wife or partner at home, while he can find amusement outside home with other types… For this love to grow and last, honesty is the best policy. Agree what you want and need, and then let each other be, if you can live with it.



CANCER MAN WITH VIRGO WOMAN – This can be a good match, they complement each other. She can give him a stable home, a schedule to follow, and on top, she’s caring in an unemotional way. At the same time, she’s well equipped to listen to his woes, and suggest practical solutions, and not very easily overwhelmed by his sensitive nature. He finds her quiet earthiness comforting, and providing she can show a little more genuine, deep emotions, the couple can make it in the long run. Love advice: Be sincere and honest with each other’s needs and wants.

CANCER WOMAN WITH VIRGO MAN – She’s the ready-made homemaker, something Virgo man can appreciate. While he can be domesticated, in fact enjoying cooking and organizing the home, he can thrive in an outside job where his technical, analytical skills are in demand – or he makes an excellent health provider. In fact, she excels in caretaking too, so there’s a lot in common. Many Cancer women also have outside jobs, of course, and they may include teaching and cooking among others, since they are very natural to her. Love tip: cook and organize your home together!



CANCER MAN WITH LIBRA WOMAN – For Libra, it’s all about love and a close personal relationship, and Cancer man goes for that too – except for him, the love extends to his family and beyond, to his clan. Being part of a bigger whole tied together through family is very important, and that’s sometimes hard for the Libra woman to understand fully. When she wants to have a romantic dinner, he may well schedule a home-cooked dinner with his mother, dad, siblings, and various aunts and uncles, too. In the long run, this can leave both frustrated. Love advice, take turns to go out together just the two of you, and then stay home entertaining the extended family.

CANCER WOMAN WITH LIBRA MAN – He’s cultured and appreciates the arts and finer things in life, and she’s more a home loving person who loves comfort. Not to say Cancer woman can’t be artistic or cultured, just that there’s a different list of priorities for these two. He’ll likely want to go out to socialize, and then have plenty on one-on-one romance in candlelight. She, on the other hand loves to stay home, cooking hearty, robust meals with extended family, and cuddling. It can lead to sometimes unspoken hostility, so love advice is to talk about your feelings and what you need in a relationship.



CANCER MAN WITH SCORPIO WOMAN – These two water signs have a very big compatibility chance. Both are deep, emotional, and can hold resentments a long time, too. However, where Cancer man would like to stay home and likes his lady to be domesticated – domesticated, Scorpio woman is not. When she makes one of her satirical remarks meant not to be taken too seriously, he can feel seriously wounded, and retreats into his shell. Cancerians can be a little touchy. But they make up for their differences in mutual caring, and a deep commitment to each other no matter what. Love advice is for her to be careful about her words, and for him to learn not to always take her teasing too seriously.

CANCER WOMAN WITH SCORPIO MAN – This could be one of the very good combinations for Cancer woman. She’ll appreciate his he-man attitude, and he’ll be enchanted by her sensible family appreciation. They can work together as a team, and more easily than most, can accept the traditional gender roles. They’ll be able to soothe things out with great sensitive sensuality and sex life should flourish, other thing in the horoscopes supporting. For this love to last, she needs to work on her touchiness, and he needs let go of control in all situations.



CANCER MAN WITH SAGITTARIUS WOMAN – These two are very different, so unless strong links exist between other planets and points, mostly short lived. She likes to be free to explore, and travel rather than stay home for the quiet home life. He, on the other hand, wants to come home to his sweet little woman who’s got the soup ready and warm, and will be bitterly disappointed when instead of hot dinner, there’s a note saying she’s gone visiting friends and won’t be back any time soon. Love tip: get to know each other really well before you make a firm commitment.

CANCER WOMAN WITH SAGITTARIUS MAN – She likes to stay home taking care of family, he likes to travel and explore – surprisingly, it could work but only if other planetary placements help, or make them stay together like strong Saturn links or her Moon on his Sun. But the Cancerian woman may sometimes accept that she’s the home maker, and he’s the man who is allowed to roam, stranger things can happen. For love to last, her innate jealousy and possessiveness need to be in check, and he needs to curb down his need to do just as he likes.



CANCER MAN WITH CAPRICORN WOMAN – Opposites attracts, and these to astrologically opposite signs can make a good go of it. He’s water, he’s earth, the two blend well together. They can appreciate each other’s dependability. She can be the solid rock that he needs when he gets too emotionally wound up, and she can draw on his emotional caring. A good combination but for love to last, Capricorn woman would do well to learn to show affection and emotions, and Cancer man needs to toughen up a little, and not just with that pretend outward shell.

CANCER WOMAN WITH CAPRICORN MAN – These two are actually the symbols of the mother and father in the zodiac, among other things, so providing they haven’t got other things in their horoscopes that contradict strongly, they can make a formidable unit where she can be the caring homemaker and mother, as well as wife, and he can be the traditional husband who goes out to brave the world for his family. They can support each other in their ambitions. Love advice is Capricorn man needs to learn to give her outward affection, and she should at least occasionally branch outside the home concerns.



CANCER MAN WITH AQUARIUS WOMAN – Cancer man may have met something akin to an alien creature when he stumbles on the glittering Aquarius woman. He may try to get through to her with romantic dinners with candles and roses, which she’ll likely appreciate, but just as likely, gets bored with quickly. He cannot understand she doesn’t care about all the emotional declarations of love, and she wonders if he’s lost his mind… in other words, this is not a match made in heaven. Love advice: take a long and hard look before launching into a relationship.

CANCER WOMAN WITH AQUARIUS MAN – She wants to settle down cozily at home, he knows nothing worse than being stuck without stimulation from his buddies and friends – that includes most of the population. Unless strong synastry exists, like his Moon conjunct her Sun  and vice versa, she has a Leo Ascendant which puts his Sun on her 7th house, and Saturn contacts that compel them to stay together for a duration, this is tough. Even if the contacts are there, mutual understanding on a deep level and different ways of viewing what’s important will make this union uneasy. Love advice is to think long and hard before any commitment.



CANCER MAN WITH PISCES WOMAN – Cancer and Pisces can swim happily together in an ocean of warm emotions and happy play. They both are at ease with showing emotions, being sentimental, and in fact, just playing together. The Piscean woman’s charm makes Cancer man forget about the worries of the world that are constantly on his mind, and she in turn feels content and secure simply being with him. A very good match, although there have to be other things indicating stability in the horoscopes, as water on its own can be lost at sea. Love advice is to express those emotions freely, and he should curb his natural possessiveness.

CANCER WOMAN WITH PISCES MAN – They can bring harmony and appreciation of how quiet compassion can be so helpful to each other. Enjoying art, poetry, and the like is natural for this couple. However, watch out for too much fun while out partying, as it could easily lead to hangovers in the morning. Cancer has a fun-loving side but it only surfaces occasionally, and Pisces man knows how to bring it out. For love to last, look for a solid foundation, astrologically earth or strong Saturn placements, and allow each other be.


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