Saturn square Neptune: Is the glass half empty or half full?

Optimist or pessimist

Saturn is the hard taskmaster that forces you to face what it calls reality. Hard work, toil, obstacles, delays, that’s Saturn’s sometimes depressing message. And while everyone no doubt will run into the Saturnian reality some time in their lives, after all that’s why we’re here on earth, there IS another way to look at it.

Neptune is almost the opposite of Saturn. It describes the ability tp see that in every situation there’s hope and that you can always dream for better things to come. Neptune refuses to give in to the limitation posed by Saturn, and says, nevertheless, I’m going to keep dreaming.

Wise persons who study these things say everyone’s reality is different because it comes through everyone’s own internal filter, we all influence what we experience as reality by how we view it. That in turn is based on our innermost beliefs about reality, and then that again by – and here we come against the age-old question: is it genetics or heredity? Or something else altogether?

We are born with a certain kind of birth chart or horoscope that describes some innate traits, although it can’t show the level or state of consciousness. And then again, why was everyone born with that particular birth chart? One answer is past life karma, but in truth, nobody really has all the answers. All we can say, when you study astrology, you’ll know it works.

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