Gemini in relationship with other signs


GEMINI in a relationship can feel like you’re with two people at once. This sign’s symbol is the twins, and most Geminis are changeable from moment to moment, to the extent they may seem like two different people. This can be a good thing because you’ll never be bored, but if you want something steady and always dependable, Gemini might not be your match. With the air sign Gemini, expect good conversation, an inexhaustible quest for knowledge, quick intelligence, and questions, questions, questions… Those born under this Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign have an innate curiosity about most things, and to other signs they may seem fickle and flighty. Below I’ll describe how Gemini goes with each sign of the zodiac, but this is just an overview. For a complete picture for your own relationship, you’ll need to have your and your partner’s birth charts, comparing all the planets and points.



GEMINI MAN WITH ARIES WOMAN – Sparks will fly and quick interaction follows when fiery Aries woman meets with the quicksilver Gemini man. She’ll find his intelligence charming, and he’ll be attracted to her wit, strong sexuality, and need to be on the move. In fact, they both like to be on the move, and traveling, although not too far, can be a good way for them to spend time together. For things to last, there needs to be other, long term contacts like Saturn between the two charts, because it’s very possible for both signs to become bored and want to move on quickly once the initial charm wears off. Love advice: work at sharing how you feel, instead of being on the go all the time!

GEMINI WOMAN WITH ARIES MAN – The above applies, but with a twist. She’ll want to talk all the time, he’ll want to – make love most of the time, and this could lead to trouble in the long run. Not saying Gemini is not interested in the sexual side of relationship, but she’ll want intellectual contact in the longer run more than Aries man. Aries man, on the other hand, is the quintessential ‘he-man’, ruled by Mars itself.  This can work, other things between charts concurring. Love tip, Aries man should work on his communication skills, and Gemini woman needs to let go of the chatter once in a while.



GEMINI MAN WITH TAURUS WOMAN – Unless other, strong contacts exist between the two charts, this can be a very trying combination for both. Gemini by its very nature is quick and likes to move a lot, and Taurus is the opposite, liking slow rhythm and not so likely to be on the move all the time. The signs themselves have little in common, but a union can work between any signs, it’s only a matter how easy or hard it’s going to be. With Gemini-Taurus, advice for loving relationship is for the Gemini man to learn a lot of patience, and for the Taurus woman to practice her conversation skills, since mental movement can also satisfy Gemini.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH TAURUS MAN – In some way, this can be even more difficult than Gemini man with Taurus woman, because Taurus man is likely going to be very possessive, and if there’s anything a Geminian resents, it’s a feeling of being restricted. She loves to be on the move, and to explore everything under the sun – not being able to talk freely to the opposite sex without a man glaring over her, will drive her straight out the door in the longer run. For love to last, the Taurus man needs to let go a little of his need to possess, and Gemini woman can learn to curb her innate flirtatiousness.


GEMINI WOMAN WITH GEMINI MAN – These two can make it if other factors give them permanence, like strong Saturn, Moon, and Ascendant contacts. They both appreciate their needs for freedom and exploration, and enjoy many days and nights of exchanging ideas. It’s possible they can form a couple that’s a little unstable because there’s so much movement, and basically, both need a little more stability from other signs. But much depends on the rest of their charts.



GEMINI MAN WITH CANCER WOMAN – He’s quick and intellectual, she’s caring and emotional. Between the two, there’s not so much in common, but there can be other factors in their charts that can make it work. For example, if he has a Capricorn Ascendant, adding seriousness to his personality, it also put her Sun on his 7th house cusp, and excellent combination, although it still needs work. It’s best if the contacts work both ways, too, for example his Sun could contact her Moon in a good aspect, and with strong Saturn contact, they’ll be bound together. Love advice is that this will not be so easy, but it’s a give and take – he needs to try to understand her emotionalism, and she needs to learn to be more rational.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH CANCER MAN – He’ll feel very emotional and wants cuddles and caring, while she wants to go out to party – sometimes, this can spell real trouble, unless there are other, very strong contacts between the charts. When she goes around flirting and talking with everyone, he’ll sit and sulk, and be hurt forever… For love to last, please make sure you’ll agree ground rules before commitment, because there are limits as to how much each can take in a relationship that goes against their basic natures.



GEMINI MAN WITH LEO WOMAN – This is a good combination, as both love movement and being around other people. He’ll like to see her shine and be the center of attention – and attractive to many, although in the longer run, he may feel a little left out. She can match his wit easily, and with good Mars-Venus and Sun-Moon-Ascendant and Saturn contacts, this can be a lasting match.            Love advice, make sure you take turns to ‘shine’ in social occasions!

GEMINI WOMAN WITH LEO MAN – This can work, just like the above. She’s less likely to be concerned over his taking the center stage every time, and he won’t mind seeing her flitting around, since both are very social and understand the need to interact – and be adored. Love advice, frequent, honest communication.



GEMINI MAN WITH VIRGO WOMAN – Although at the onset, these two don’t have much in common, they are both ruled by Mercury, and both are mutable, or changeable signs. This means they can always communicate, and they will feel comfortable with the way they shift positions and views. However, Gemini is air, and Virgo earth, so she may find him a little too ‘out there’, too concerned with ideas and thinking, whereas she likes to deal with concrete facts and is concerned with getting real results. But other factors enforcing, this can work. For love to last, give each other space when needed, and work on practical skills together.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH VIRGO MAN – She can exchange thoughts and ideas with him, and this way find common ground, but in the longer run, she may feel he’s a little too tied to the earth, when she just wants to party and fly. Not all Gemini women are party-butterflies, and not all Virgo men are sticklers to rules, but it can easily happen. If other contacts exist, this can work as above. Love advice, take time to tell each other how much you appreciate the other.



GEMINI MAN WITH LIBRA WOMAN – Both are air signs, so there’s instant mental rapport, and they can have a lasting union. Exchanging mental ideas is just natural to them, and they’ll appreciate each other’s intellectual skills. However, in longer run, Libran woman may feel affection starved, because she basically runs on relationships and love, and if she feels she’s not appreciated, she may well go looking for it elsewhere. Meanwhile, he may not even notice, until she’s gone. Love advice, make firm commitment to each other to be honest in all your communications, and ask what you need in the relationship.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH LIBRA MAN – At first, he’ll put her on a pedestal and love the way she glitters and shines, and she’s happy with the way he adores her. In the longer run, he may feel let down by what he comes to see as her flightiness, and she won’t be tied down. However, with honest communication and appreciating what you have, this can be a very good union. At any sign of trouble, talk it through, you both are masters of communication!



GEMINI MAN WITH SCORPIO WOMAN – While he’ll find her fascinating and want to explore what makes her tick, she may well elude all his attempts to figure her out. They have little in common, except the need to ferret out each other’s secrets. She’ll most probably feel dissatisfied with what she calls his lack of passion, and he’ll likely complain about her intensity and constant power games. Without other very strong reinforcing contacts between the charts, this is too hard for both most likely, although if Saturn forces them to stay together, it will be not an easy union. Love advice: Make sure you’ll date a long time to get to know each other before commitment.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH SCORPIO MAN – He will be drawn to her light airiness that can soothe his – most of the time – brooding emotions, and she’ll want to explore what’s under that mask of inscrutability. However, that’s where their fascination will most likely end, because basically they are very different. He’s looking for intensity and merging, she’s out to socialize and have fun or at least intellectual contact. Love advice: make sure you know each other well before committing long term.



GEMINI MAN WITH SAGITTARIUS WOMAN – They say opposites attract, and these two have much in common, although the signs are astrologically opposite each other. They are both mutable, and Gemini air and Sagittarius fire go well together, they give each other energy. Both like to mingle and explore, although she may wish he would be a little more interested in broad philosophical and spiritual issues, and he can secretly think she’s a little ‘out there’. But all in all, a good combo. Love advice, go travelling together, and explore vistas large and small.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH SAGITTARIUS MAN – Read the above, as most of it applies. Much depends on the rest of the contacts between their charts. Checking for Mars-Venus contacts for sexual compatibility and Sun/Moon/Ascendant and Saturn for lasting understanding between individual couple’s charts is imperative, as always. For love to last, travel together, and exchange ideas freely.



GEMINI MAN WITH CAPRICORN WOMAN – If she senses he’s on the way to make something out of his life, the ambitious Capricorn woman can stick through with Gemini man, although she may find he’s a little changeable for her liking. He, in turn can feel a little smothered by her ambitious plans for both of them, although also pleased to have her backing. These two signs have nothing in common astrologically, so it’s crucial to have other strong contacts between charts. For any loving relationship to have a chance, communicate, communicate, communicate!

GEMINI WOMAN WITH CAPRICORN MAN – He can wait a long time to get to the top of his chosen field, and she’s not really that concerned over that, so this can work, but only if other things between charts indicate so. She may get a little bored with what she calls his stubborn insistence on the importance of status, he may want someone a little more ambitious… For love success, try to find some common hobby that combines seriousness with fun.


GEMINI MAN WITH AQUARIUS WOMAN – Both these signs live in their heads and ideas, so this has a big chance of real success. They can plan and exchange ideas till the cows come home, and talk until sunrise, stimulating each other’s intellect and curiosity. He’ll appreciate her need to change the world for the better, and she’ll edge on his intellectual curiosity and prowess. A good pairing! At any sign of trouble, sit down to just talk about it!

GEMINI WOMAN WITH AQUARIUS MAN – This promises lively conversations and lots of movement, as the two encourage each other intellectually and enjoy each other’s ability to appreciate ideas. He may occasionally wish she was a little more concerned for the common good, and she could think he’s a little too concerned on what others do. All in all, a very good combination, and talking out any love problems will help.



GEMINI MAN WITH PISCES WOMAN – She’s emotional and intuitive, he’s matter of fact and relies on his left brain, so what do they have in common? Both are mutable or changeable, and both can easily get lost inside their minds, if in very different ways. He can be fascinated by her way of operating in the world, relying on her instinct, and be drawn to explore it. In the longer run, finding a bridge between their two worlds can be a challenge, although with strong other contacts, it can work. Love advice: learn to appreciate that knowledge in the world can come through both intellect and intuition.

GEMINI WOMAN WITH PISCES MAN – She may find that she doesn’t like the way he’s too much into dreams and poetry, and he most probably can’t really stick around too long with a woman who’s all facts and intellect. But they are both mutable, or changeable, so they can also change their minds frequently… Love advice, get to know each other well by letting each other be, and try to understand what makes each other tick.

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