Mercury trine North Node: Thoughts influence outcomes

27194524921_2bd99608ef_zIt can be a tough concept to accept that what you think will somehow determine future, but consider this: anything you ever do starts as a thought first. That includes whether to get up in the morning, or to long term plans that most probably see definitely influence future.

When you take this thought step by step, it makes sense that every single thought and then decision is either for or against a certain outcome – is this thought positive, or negative, then becomes the decision. Every single thought we allow in, will somehow have consequences.

It’s a frightening thought at first, but the flip side is if you think positive, happy thoughts, they will eventually lead to taking positive actions, and then to a more positive future. I know it sounds simplistic, and it’s not that simple, believe me, I know. It can take months and years to break the mental habits of a life time, but it can be done.

It requires discipline and being vigilant about your thoughts, something many of us find impossible if we’re used to negative thoughts. But research shows it can be done, and that it is effective, if that helps.

With Mercury in Taurus that likes going at easy pace following a method trine North Node in even more methodical Virgo, this is a good opportunity to remind ourselves, ‘you are what you think’.

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