New Moon in Gemini forecast for each sign

new moon geminiGEMINI New Moon June 4 EDT in USA occurs at 14 degrees Gemini, and Venus, the planet of love and relationships is at the same degree. New beginning in love is in the air now. Adding spice, Saturn is opposing this within one degree, Neptune squares it within 2 degrees and Jupiter is exactly square it. This is a powerful New Moon, bringing up issues about relationships, reponsibilities, dreams, and how you seek to expand in relationships.  What starts now will come to some kind of culmination or fulfillment at the next Full Moon June 20, the second one in 2016 in Sagittarius/Gemini, giving everyone a second chance to get it right. Read on to find how this will work out for each Sun sign below. To get your full personal relationship picture, please contact me at

ARIES – The Sun/Moon/Venus combination is in your 3rd house, so lively neighborhood and community events could mean a new start. If in a relationship, a new beginning, if single, he or she might very well appear while going about the neighborhood. With Saturn opposing from the 9th, in-laws may not approve. But Jupiter provides backup from your co-workers, and Neptune will brings your dreams alive – if you dare bring them out from the refuge of your secret dreams.

TAURUS – Sun, Moon, and Venus are in your 2nd house of money and values.  New romantic beginning is in the cards, but someone is not being happy about how you share, it could be your newly found date or maybe even extended family doesn’t approve. This can also mean some trouble in the bedroom department with Saturn in the 8th house, where something’s stopping an easy flow of sexuality. It may just be that you’re deciding to take it slowly, the old-fashioned way. With Jupiter boosting your romance from 5th, and Neptune uplifting with dreams from 11th, this looks promising.

GEMINI – You’re ready to go with a new relationship – or a new beginning – with the New Moon and Venus on your Ascendant, but it seems like your long term partner is putting a dampener on things. Either he or she is not ready to forgive yet for whatever it was, or it is possible with this that the long term commitment has become a real drag, and you’re seeking new loves and avenues. However, with Jupiter bringing your home and roots into the equation, and Neptune providing career dreams, you could very well decide ‘out with old, in with the new’.

CANCER – You may have thought to keep your love interest secret forever, or at least a little longer, but with the New Moon and Venus illuminating your 12th/6th axis, chances are it will come to light no matter what. It could be a co-worker or boss who spills the beans, or maybe there’s digital ‘eavesdropping’ or too busy fingers that cause your secret affair to come to light with Jupiter in 3rd. With Neptune urging you to ‘go far away’ from the 9th house, if what you’ve been doing is not for your highest good, you may want to join a meditation or spiritual group.

LEO – The New Moon/Venus in your 11th, the house traditionally described as ‘hopes, dreams, and wishes’, this bodes well for a new beginning regarding love. However, Saturn opposes it from 5th of romance, and Jupiter squares it from the 2nd and Neptune from 8th houses, so what may start magically can get powerful opposition from something or someone who doesn’t like the idea. At stake are money and investment with the money axis accentuated – watch you don’t give away the house, something your Leo generosity might steer you toward. It’s best to think first, then act with this one.

VIRGO – While the New Moon/Venus takes place on your career point, showing love and new start of a possible new career, home front shows resistance with Saturn person or influence putting brakes on it. At the same time, Jupiter on your Ascendant is optimistic and ready to expand, and Neptune in 7th describes an alluring potential partner. It seems like to choice for you is between expanding your relationship, or taking your chances with a new, promising career start.

LIBRA – Sun, Moon, and Venus smile in 9th house, so long distance travel could be in the cards, with a possibility of a new beginning while traveling far away, somewhere with beauty, art, culture – and sensuality. What goes on in the neighborhood in the meantime may put brakes on longer terms success; it could be you’ve been too dreamy and maybe a little negligent at your work where Neptune transits, and with Jupiter in 12th, it could be a good time to take a mental vacation into your own unconscious, especially if you have things to hide.

SCORPIO – Sun, Moon, and Venus, the planet of love are all grouped in the 8th house, Scorpio’s own house, so exploring new possibilities with relationship dynamic is a big possibility. With the 8th house, this has sexual connotations, too. You could think of starting anew in your existing relationship, or starting a new one. However, it seems either finances or what you value will put a stop on too much exploration with Saturn in 2nd, and Neptune from 5th house, while glamorous, may also confuse romance. Jupiter in 11th, although causing mild friction too, can provide an outlet with friends and groups.

SAGITTARIUS – This looks like straightforward new start in your long term personal relationship, such as marriage, with Sun, Moon, and Venus all in your 7th house. But with your personal outlook a little less optimistic because Saturn is transiting your Ascendant, it’s a little mixed. And Jupiter wants to expand in career direction and confusion reigns at home – it may be best to concentrate on your career now because Jupiter rules your Sun, and is high in the chart.

CAPRICORN – The New Moon with Venus illuminates your work sector, and a workplace romance could now start, or an existing one can see new life. But because Saturn is in your 12th, opposing the combination, watch out that what you’re doing is fully above board, as things can easily become your ‘self-undoing’, one of the symbols for 12th house. It could be your thinking is a little clouded with Neptune in 3rd, too. Maybe going away on a break is a good way to go, with Jupiter in 9th.

AQUARIUS – Romance and a new beginning is the cards with the New Moon and Venus in 5th house. You’re in a mood for change, not uncommon for an Aquarius. With responsibilities to groups or friends also calling, this can be a tough decision of which way to go. Jupiter invites you to expand into 8th house matters which could include shared finances or bedroom fun, and I’m advising not to spend a lot right now with Neptune in your 2nd of finances.

PISCES – This New Moon with Venus happens in your 4th house of home and roots, so it’s possible something good is happening with your family relationships now. This could be a very pleasant few weeks leading up to the next Full Moon on June 20, or a new beginning with a beloved wife, or daughter. Career matters may be heavily on your mind with Saturn on the tops of the chart as opposed to the happiness at home. Neptune on your Ascendant can cloud your perception a little – Jupiter in your 7th or relationship sector shows you want to expand with relationships. I would say on balance, this shows a happy home and spousal relations.

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