Scorpio in a relationship with each sign

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SCORPIO – This sign brings up both fascination and fear, so what should you expect in a relationship with a Scorpio? Find out according to your Sun sign below. Always remember to understand your individual relationships, both your own and your partner’s full birth charts are necessary, calculated for the exact time, date, and place of birth. What I describe below is based on the basic traits on each sign, but only an overview. If you’d like to find out more about your personal relationship, you can find me at



SCORPIO MAN WITH ARIES WOMAN – This combination gives lots of heat and fireworks, but could become very competitive. Each sign basically likes to win, and Scorpio man doesn’t like to be shown up. But also expect hot passion with frequent ups and downs, as the Mars ruled signs continue to attract and retreat, having fun making up each time. Scorpio man simply cannot take orders from his woman, and Aries woman won’t be bossed around. To soothe the situation, try finding common ground in non-competitive sports, and driving fast cars – in safe surroundings.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH ARIES MAN – Read the above, but with a twist. Power issues will come up, but Scorpio woman is more subtle than Aries man, and she may try to find a way to gain advantage in the relationship a little deviously. Aries man, on the other hand, resents anything that’s not straightforward, and this often can lead to parting of the ways. My advice, set aside time regularly to simply talk in an open and honest manner to express your concerns and love for each other.



SCORPIO MAN WITH TAURUS WOMAN – These two fixed signs can find themselves in a stalemate in a relationship if they don’t watch out, because both signs don’t like to give in. It can become a game of ‘who blinks first’. Not all Scorpio men are power hungry, and not all Taurus women dig in their heels, but when a Taurus woman does, it raises the hackles of a Scorpio man who expects his woman to be more compliant. In the meanwhile, this promises plenty of attraction and sensuality. To help this succeed, both need to give in a little, by simply agreeing to giving each other the ‘right’ to have their own opinions and priorities.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH TAURUS MAN – Here, things can get complicated because he finds her so beguiling and sensual, but at the same time he’s not about to be given orders. This can result in a situation where neither one gives in, although there can be strong attraction. Scorpio woman is not likely to go chasing a man, and Taurus man can be patiently waiting for just that… Try agreeing ground rules about who’s responsible for what in the relationship to give it a chance of success.



SCORPIO MAN WITH GEMINI WOMAN – While traditionally, these signs don’t have much in common, this could be an interesting mixture. She fascinates him with her constant changing, and she in turn is captivated by his brooding male charm. They can interact and solve world’s problems in one night’s conversation, but then the flighty Gemini may get bored… with his possessiveness and constantly bringing up serious issues when all she wants to do is keep moving and have fun. And he won’t put up with all the other men she’s drawn to flirt with, so for love to win in this match, Gemini has to agree not to be too flirty and Scorpio needs to agree with her that maybe, just maybe he’s a little too possessive.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH GEMINI MAN – The deep, mysterious quality often found in Scorpio females first attracts the Gemini man to go and try to explore what’s underneath that façade, and they can exchange ideas until she may become too emotional.  Once he realizes she’s a volcano that could go off any time, he’s ready to take off. Gemini finds Scorpio woman too emotional, and she can’t stand what he calls his superficiality. For love to last, set out regular, frequent times to talk it out, giving each other five minutes to explain without interruption.



SCORPIO MAN WITH CANCER WOMAN – There’s a real possibility of a lasting union between these two emotional signs, although their emotions are expressed in a very different way. Her instinctive understanding of his innermost needs, fears, and desires coupled with an earnest wish to take care of him soothe his masculinity and his need to be put first in a relationship. They understand each others’ needs instinctively, and can flow nicely together through the storms of life, just as long the jealousy and possessiveness both signs have won’t get out of control. To counteract and reassure each other, express your love for each other frequently in hugs and kisses.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH CANCER MAN – And interesting dynamic can develop between these two, although this can be a very successful relationship. Cancer men can be very attached to their mothers, and if this is taken to the extreme and the Scorpio woman feels she’s taking too much time in his life, instead of focusing on her, trouble may brew. Activities where they can interact together, maybe cooking together may be very helpful in bonding the couple and family – they may even enjoy comparing notes. His mother will always be a big part of the equation in a long term relationship.


SCORPIO MAN WITH LEO WOMAN – While there’s mutual attraction, there’s also a healthy natural respect for what both sense is the other one’s strength. This relationship could be a beautiful fairytale with the princess getting her knight in shining armor, providing other factors in their charts balance out the inherent tension between the two signs that are predisposed to dominance. For example, if his moon is in Leo, and her moon is in Scorpio, they can work out the relationship because there’s sufficient basic understanding of each others’ moods and identity. Saturn contacts are also a must for a lasting relationship. For love to flourish, Scorpio man would do well to remember those little gift of appreciation, they will melt her heart.  She, in turn needs to agree to stay in the background once in a while in social situations, letting him shine.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH LEO MAN – To him, she’s seductive and mysterious, and she is drawn to his sunshine and playful quality. They can fascinate each other and find common ground basking in each other’s powerful magnetic aura. In the long run, this can become a power struggle not easily overcome, unless other strong astrological factors between charts balance it out, as in above example about Scorpio man with Leo woman. Leo’s love to hear compliments, and Scorpio’s love to be appreciated, too, so for love to last, give praise freely!



SCORPIO MAN WITH VIRGO WOMAN – This is a good sign combination by the nature of the signs. He finds her earthy sensuality appealing, and she can provide him with the home, order, and stability he needs in order to make his life work. While he’s likely to be possessive in a relationship, she can be a little unclear of the boundaries, and in some sense consider herself never to fully belong to anyone, and therefore free. But he can give her excitement and empower her. Love can flow naturally and easily between these too, but at any sign of trouble, talk it out, analyze it, and try to understand each others’ motives and agree rules.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH VIRGO MAN – The potential for a good relationship is there, if the Virgo man can keep up with her emotional depth and need to explore the mysteries of life. He can become a little critical of her emotionality at times, and she may try to take over all decision making, but on the whole, this couple can enjoy a steady, loving relationship. At any sign of trouble, Virgo man may want to relax and just let her be, and Scorpio woman needs to realize she can’t always be in control – talk it out! You’ve both got excellent analytical skills, and can figure it out.




SCORPIO MAN WITH LIBRA WOMAN – Although technically these two don’t have much in common this could work out well. This is because a Libra woman tends to adore her man and put him first in everything, and that’s manna for the Scorpio man’s soul. He’s been craving for that ever since childhood. On the other hand, the relationship could turn into him watching her too jealously since she’s most likely to charm everyone else, too. He needn’t worry, though. Unless serious afflictions exist in her chart, she’s likely to stick faithfully to his side. Love advice, Scorpio needs to keep his jealousy in check, and Libra woman needs to stop smiling at everyone, inviting advances!

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH LIBRA MAN – This has a little less success in most cases than the pair above, because Scorpio woman is basically looking for something more outwardly macho, with a strong Mars factor that a Libran man may not have, unless he’s got something like Mars in Scorpio himself. She’ll feel inner dissatisfaction even if she will love to bask in the adulation of the cultured Libra man, who, like the female Libra, puts partnerships first. For love to grow, learning to appreciate and express what you love about each other often is a much.



SCORPIO MAN WITH SCORPIO WOMAN – Impossible – or heaven, there’s no in-between when two Scorpios decide to make a go of it. They’re drawn together by an irresistible attraction: after all, both are deep, mysterious, and sexy, and both know it. They can explore what the meaning of life is together, and have fireworks in bed where a deep bond can be forged, but eventually, the old problem with most Scorpios will raise its head: who’s the master. She may seem docile; he may seem the nice guy. If the power game isn’t obvious, it’s gone underground, and all the more dangerous because of it. Love advice is to learn to let go of control, and take turns to ‘win’ consciously.

Two spiritually evolved Scorpios can be true soulmates and lovers, reunited after lifetimes.



SCORPIO MAN WITH SAGITTARIUS WOMAN – Usually, Scorpio man is looking for a devoted woman who will always put him first, someone who’ll look at him with adoration no matter what. He may have come across a whirlwind in Sagittarius woman. She fascinates him with her independence and being on constant move, and he’ll likely try to tame her to stay at home to look after the kids. Good luck! Usually she ends up taking flight, like the mythical Centaur the sign is named for. For love to last, both need to acknowledge they have different needs and then let each other be.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH SAGITTARIUS MAN – These two can really hit it off, she’s impressed with his range of interests and cultured demeanor.  However, when he becomes a Casanova in parties, she will not take it lying down, in more ways than one. When he explains those others mean nothing, she’ll only hear, you cheated on me, and it can go from bad to worse from there on. If there are mutual sun-moon-Ascendant and Saturn contacts, this can succeed nevertheless. Love advice is to give each other space and agree ground rules.



SCORPIO MAN WITH CAPRICORN WOMAN – This is one of the best combinations: she’s the steady anchor, providing him the backup he needs to really go for it, and she can wait for a long time for the rewards to come in as long as he’s trying to reach a higher status. Her earthiness appeals to him and the way she gets his need to ‘be somebody’ really turns him on. A good relationship in every sense of the word is a big possibility. Learning to express frequent appreciation of each other will dispel most love problem with this couple.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH CAPRICORN MAN – Again, these two together can make the world turn around, if they put their minds to it. Scorpio woman can take the backseat, she can also be the power behind the throne, and Capricorn man really is one of the born rulers of the zodiac. They can make sweet music together, and do a lot of good for the good of many, if they so choose. Tip for Scorpio woman, you don’t always need to be in charge to win the game of love, and Capricorn man, tell her you love and appreciate her morning, noon, and night.



SCORPIO MAN WITH AQUARIUS WOMAN – While at first her strong independent streak and the fact she nonchalantly states she wants no commitment makes him jump at it, in longer run, he’ll become extremely suspicious of her motives. His need is to possess and to an extent dominate his woman, and her impulse is to run away from exactly that. This is rarely a good combination, but stranger things have happened. If the Scorpio man has moon in Aquarius for example, and the Aquarius woman has Taurus rising putting his sun on her 7th cusp – things will look much better. For love to grow, the couple needs to agree to give each other space.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH AQUARIUS MAN – She may pretend to be ok with his insistence to call it ‘just friends’ when they really are lovers, but it can’t go on forever. Eventually, she cannot but confront him about ‘who are we really, friends or a couple?’ and that can make him head for the door. For her, she may feel she can’t win with Aquarius man, and he, while drawn into her deep, mysterious aura and mind, cannot take her demands for more emotional contact and commitment. Jealousy can easily arise, and Aquarius resents possessiveness. With two evolved sign types, look for other factors that can make this work. If love is to last, Scorpio woman needs to let go of her possessiveness, and Aquarius man needs to learn to express his emotions.



SCORPIO MAN WITH PISCES WOMAN – This can be a made-in-heaven match between two emotional signs. He can feel free to express this side of his personality with her, and she will positively adore how he just ‘gets’ her. They communicate mentally, telepathically, and spiritually as well as the obvious romantic way, and can feel a soulmate connection instantly. She may appear a little flighty, but deep down he’ll know he can trust her with that connection. At the sign of trouble, love advice is to sit together, holding hands, communicating deeply with and without words.

SCORPIO WOMAN WITH PISCES MAN – Scorpio woman is looking for a deep emotional , spiritual and sexual connection, but she also want someone who is strong enough to make her feel like a helpless female, although she would not readily admit it. Piscean man has all the dreams and poetry she can wish for, and they can explore them together, but in her heart, she’s likely to look for a more Martian type man, unless he has a strong Mars by sign or position. This can be a wonderful match. Meditating and confiding in each other usually works to solve love problems with these two.


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