Moon sextile Saturn: Patience


It’s been said it’s the mother of all virtues and the hardest of all, patience. And also that all good things come to those who wait. Sometimes, it’s so so hard, when time seems to stand still and all you want to do is shake the dust and move on.

Moon in the sign Aquarius that naturally wants to be free to move, is now friendly with Saturn that most definitely feels stuck, torn in the always-on-the-move Sagittarius. Should I say or should I go? is the question of the day.

The two, Moon and Saturn are communicating, that’s the good news. Patience is flowing, it’s an opportunity to make it a harmonious day. Who knows, maybe one day that kid in today’s picture above will actually turn the page and scare the pants off all of us! Sometimes, things move miraculously when you least expect them to, even stone statues. But it takes patience to get there.


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