Full moon in Sagittarius – forecast for each sign

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May 21 full moon, powerful in the first degree of the signs will bring new thoughts, ideas, and plans to a culmination of some kind, because it takes place in communication and movement oriented signs. All full moons have relationship energy because the Lights are in opposition, this time Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. Venus and Mars are also part of this, opposite each other and very close to the full moon degree and adding to the relationship flavor. The full moon will bring much heat, conversation and action – find out below what area of life according to your Sun, Moon, stellium, or Ascendant sign.

ARIES – Speed is one of Aries trademarks, you like to start and act quickly. This full moon in your area of travel may make you feel you need to shake the dust off your shoes once more, and take it to the road. With the Venus and Mars involved, romantic vacations or just traveling with your partner beckon. Remember to be careful right on the day of the full moon, though, because Mercury, the planet of travel and communication is still retrograde, stationing to go direct the next day. If you wait until May 22, travel plans are likely to be more incident free.

TAURUS – It’s possible your partner may not be happy about shared monies, and he or she will bring it up during this potentially explosive full moon. You may have had misunderstandings with Mercury going backward in your relationship sector, building up to the possible explosion now with Mars so close to the full moon. Arguments about what’s mine, what’s yours, and fully blown shouting matches with the excitable Sagittarius and verbal Gemini can happen. Wait till the day after the actual full moon when Mercury goes direct to make up with the usual Taurus patience and passion.

GEMINI – For you, this full moon is all about your long term relationships because it happens in 1st and 7th houses. If you’ve not been totally straightforward about ‘my needs versus your needs’, expect fireworks from your partner, unfortunately. Moon and Mars together in your relationship house don’t leave much wiggle room, and your Sun-Venus charm is likely not to work immediately, especially with your ruler Mercury retrograde in the secretive 12th house. My advice, come clean, but only after the day of the full moon, when Mercury goes direct.

CANCER – Being secretive is a big part of your water energy, and this full moon in your 6th house of health and everyday life opposing the 12th house of secrets has a big chance of bringing those secrets to light. That light-hearted – or so you think – workplace flirtation may backfire when conversations are overheard, texts and tweets intercepted, and you’re faced with an angry co-worker or, worse, spouse. With Mercury going backward and part of this energy but still in your 11th house, it’s no use trying to explain and engage friends to help – wait until the day after. Direct Mercury will help then.

LEO – Much passion and romance is promised during this full moon, bringing to culmination what you’ve been planning but have failed to act on so far with retrograde Mercury directing you more toward career and work. Now, with Venus and Sun exciting the Moon-Mars combination in your 5th house, nothing will hold you back. You simply cannot wait any longer, and may declare your intentions to that special someone who you somehow feel is out of reach, above you – unusual for Leo who usually feels on top of the world. While romance is in the cards, it may go more toward the friendship category. The likelihood of success is better if you wait one day when Mercury goes direct, and don’t let apparent hasty reactions fool you!

VIRGO – Career versus home and with romance thrown in will come to sharper focus during this excited full moon on your 10th – 4th house axis. The inner core of you that is always ready to think of how to better yourself wants to use your this opportunity charm the boss with your eloquent words, while something inside now just wants to go home and let your hair down for once, even if it means harsh words. You’ve been planning this long term strategy for some time with Mercury in your 9th, but it’s best to put off presenting it to the boss until the day after the full moon when Mercury goes direct. It’s possible the boss is actually quite enamored by you…

LIBRA – With Moon and Mars together in the house of brothers and sisters and nearby community, you may be thinking of paying a visit to relatives, or simply going around the neighborhood, perhaps looking for ways to brighten up other people’s lives. Venus and Sun together will want to explore higher vistas and visions in the 9th house, causing conflict between what you love and what you somehow feel pulled toward during this full moon. It could be you wish to be with your loved one somewhere far away but it doesn’t gel with the plans of your relatives. In this, joint finances may also be a factor. Wait till the next day when Mercury goes direct to make any concrete decisions.

SCORPIO – Relationship drama comes to a culmination during this full moon on your 8th/2nd house axis. Money, sex, shared resources, and deep dark issues that are the staple of Scorpio existence are now up. The relationship-energized full moon hits the romance issues that have been brewing up. With Mercury still retrograde in 7th, Mars with Moon opposing Sun/Venus, it might come to fighting before making up the usual Scorpio way – between the sheets. This will increase passion and sensuality with a possibility of a real clear communication of what it’s all about the next day when Mercury goes direct.

SAGITTARIUS – Who’s more important, me over here with my need to be assertive, or you out there with your need to communicate about the relationship – that’s the question likely to come up during the full moon on your relationship houses axis. Sagittarians act larger than life, and sometimes forget others may get hurt by their playful energy. Watch out that that doesn’t happen during the full moon when your partner wants verbal assurance about the relationship. It’s likely words will be misunderstood, too with the retrograde Mercury, so if you can, wait until the next day when Mercury is direct to explain your true feelings to your partner.

CAPRICORN – Work mixed with love could be your motto during this full moon, but your partner may not quite see it that way with Moon and Mars getting ready to explode. The resentment that’s been brewing about how friendships and work take all your time may come to a head. Things you’ve not wanted to face may come to light with the 12th house involvement. It’s also possible a secret workplace romance is about to be discovered and harsh words result, possibly because a co-worker you considered a friend has not been discreet. But the next day, when Mercury goes direct, you can start making amends again.

AQUARIUS – Who’s a friend, and who’s a lover? This question can bother Aquarius, for whom the need to relate with just one person in an intimate way is not the priority. Why limit yourself? Everybody’s your friend, according to Aquarius philosophy, and it’s possible they could also be lovers… with not much emotional involvement. With Sagittarius Moon and Mars adding fuel to relationship issues, your personal love relationship either takes the backseat once more, or your partner demands explanations. Whatever you do, don’t try to lay down the rules, at least not until the next day when Mercury goes direct.

PISCES – This full moon can bring drama over what’s going on at home with your family versus how you assert yourself in your career. Mars energizes the Moon on top of your chart making you want to believe career is the most important thing in the world, but deep down, for the sensitive, visionary Pisces, what matters most are emotions and relationships. During this full moon, try to balance what you feel and what you think you should do, using your strong intuition to guide you. Don’t even worry about that retrograde Mercury – you have an innate compass that knows what to say, and sometimes the rational direct Mercury just gets on the way.

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