Jupiter conjunct North Node in Virgo: Spiritual practice


Jupiter in Virgo invites you to uplift your spirit with a concentrated effort. Jupiter together with the North Node in Virgo says, go forward with a method, refine it, follow it, make it part of your daily routine. This is what you need to do in order to progress.

Spiritual practice comes in many forms, just as all the roads lead to God in the end. It can be dancing, whirling like the dervishes in the photo, or sitting motionless in meditation each day. It can be waking each day to see the sunrise, it can consist of walking daily in nature.

Spiritual practice can take the form or service, especially with Jupiter and North Node in Virgo.

It is saying, find a goal, find a teacher, find the correct steps, keep the practice. Practice until you reach the goal, once you’re diligently practiced the steps on the road. Sometimes, the journey is the destination.

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