Moon square Saturn: Feeling rejected


Moon – Saturn aspects are ‘good for Saturn, bad for Moon’ so to speak. What this means, emotionally the person is very vulnerable, fearing rejection but wanting to hide it at all cost. This is in turn makes him or her appear very ‘together’, competent, and not very emotional.

It’s a tough one, because both can be true. You can function in the outside world very well, taking care of business, very reliable, trustworthy, and even efficient.

However, inside it’s often a different story. Saturn is about fear among other things, and with the Moon, the fears started in the earliest childhood and beyond. Often, this means ‘mothering karma’, going back generations, especially a close conjunction, but square and opposition also show the same.

You don’t have to believe in reincarnation as in karma, but with Moon-Saturn, you’ll want nothing more than being loved, and yet your behavior shows a cool, even tough person who by his or her very appearance keeps others away.

But it’s by opening up, trying again and again that’s important for the Saturn person. Learning to trust, who to trust, when to trust, and the signs of when to withdraw your trust are important lessons to learn with these aspects. It takes courage to keep trying, but that is what you are requested to do astrologically.

Once you’ve gained a person’s trust who has these aspects, and they feel they’re safe with you, nobody can beat their loyalty and support for you. Saturn is about time, and as always, what was first difficult, only shows what you can become the master of in the long run.

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