Moon square Mercury: Discord

discordSome days you wake up and the world just isn’t a good place. There might be no reason – there might be a good reason.

It could be a Moon square Mercury day – like today. Moon is in Leo, Mercury is in Taurus, and they’re fighting! Who blinks first, that’s the question between these very strong fixed signs.

Mercury is your rational left side brain, and Moon represents your intuition and emotions. On Moon square Mercury days, there two don’t work well together, they’re fighting it out.

Discord is lack of harmony, as in musical notes that don’t chime. Another word for discord is disharmony, or lack of harmony. Sometimes, the lack of harmony is inside your head and mind, and sometimes it comes at you in the form of external events. In all cases, the best solution is to chill for the day. Do something you like, go out in nature, seek out friends for a chat or outing, play harmonious music and movies. It will pass.



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