Taurus New Moon forecast for each sign


May 6 New Moon at 16 degrees Taurus is a time to solidify. This month can mean a new start with finances and finding out what you value. If your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Taurus stellium are near 16 degrees of Taurus, or in the other fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, this will affect you more than most. What way, depends on the planet or point it touches. If you want to find in detail what this means to you, you can order an individual reading for your date, exact time, and place and birth from me at by emailing me at anyasastrology@yahoo.com, or leave a message here.

ARIES – You can show your leadership in the area of finances now. That new venture you’ve been thinking of, go for it after checking it’s solid. With the Moon and Sun together in the patient, enduring sign of Taurus it’s easier for you to take things a little slower as in doing the necessary research before charging ahead. Another thing for Aries to assess at this New Moon is to look at how you value yourself –your finances are connected to it more than you think. Ask yourself, what is important, what do I value? What am I worth? You can also attract sensual patient lovers to your life now.


TAURUS – Really go for it with your most bold ideas at this New Moon, although usually you’re not one to take risks. This New Moon in your first house promises to start a new cycle. With your Taurus staying power, what you plant now in the way of new ideas, projects, as well as real life flowers and trees will bear fruit in the weeks and month to come. You’re not so used to going first, but this month, you shine. Charming others with your quiet, dependable demeanor will come easy, because Venus, your ruling planet is also near this New Moon on your Ascending sign.


GEMINI – This month could bring a whole new way of thinking for you. Your always agile mind may long for some rest – although you don’t always acknowledge it. With the 12th house New Moon, look to find a place for solitude and reflection. A retreat doesn’t always mean chanting monks and silence, although those would be beneficial for your restlessness. But you can also take a mental break by joining the local meditation or yoga center for a few sessions, or simply walking outside in nature. Locking away your phone(s), laptops, tablets, and wristwatches that distract you all the time is a good idea, too. Try it for at least for the days before, during and after this relaxing Moon in Taurus, from 5 to 8 May, and then you can pick up with renewed mental energy. Making this kind of ‘retreat’ a regular thing daily for even 10 minutes will help you.


CANCER – If ever there was a time for the home-oriented Cancerian to start anew with friendships, it’s during this New Moon that activates your 11th house. Most likely, you’ll feel the pull of group gatherings, and may have been making plans to join groups already. Now, just make your plans a reality, go out and join! Cancerians can become easily discouraged and downright crabby if they feel they’re not included in groups, but bear in mind, sometimes it’s your own expectations that make people react that way. Put on your happy face, and find your way into groups using your intuition, and sensing what to say. If you listen to your intuition, you’ll be a hit.


LEO – This month sees a start of a new chapter of some kind at the workplace. Your career is under focus now. It’s always very easy for you to shine and to take the center place, and even more so during this month’s combined Sun/Moon energies in your career house. Just bear in mind, it is a Taurus month, so bringing what you started to fruition may require more patience and planning than you’d like. On the other hand, Leos usually don’t have any trouble attracting followers and helpers, so you can always delegate others to take care of details.


VIRGO – Long distance travel of one kind or the other occupies your mind during this New Moon. It could be symbolical, as in broadening your horizons by new study, especially something involving ethics, philosophy, religion, or spirituality. Taurus gives you extra patience, and a good way for you to use this is to codify some mysterious documentation of secret lore, or make an analysis of why people join the spiritual groups they do. Or you could just take a well-earned long distance trip to somewhere to treat your sensual side – maybe sunny beaches far away.


LIBRA – Even when planning finances, close one to one relationships are never far from a Libran’s mind. The Taurus New Moon falls in your 8th house of joint finances, sex and other shared resources, bringing up the subject of partnerships in connection with money quite naturally. Now really is a good time to start planning finances with your husband, wife or even business partners. Taurus will give you tenacity and dependability. Starting a joint financial venture of some kind has good chances of succeeding. Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus. It symbolizes both love, and money. With the New Moon in 8th AND in Taurus, both money matters and sexuality increase.


SCORPIO – The Taurus New Moon falls in your house of close personal relationships, and partnerships of all kinds. You may plan a new start, if things have been a little shaky. Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs, so it is a good idea to be aware of how inflexible you can be at times, even during this New Moon when you plan a new start. So make it a point to find time to talk with your honey in private, and be prepared to listen about their ideas of how to make it better, and then give in a little. The same goes in business, let your partner give his or her views, and incorporate them into your new approach. You’ll be surprised how smooth the sailing will be as a result.


SAGITTARIUS – This New Moon illuminates your work and everyday living, giving you a chance to start anew, this time with the solidity and staying power of Taurus behind you. This is not to say you will have a new job, although that’s a possibility. Usually, New Moon indicates that you’re more open to a new approach in the coming couple of weeks, and up to the next new moon in Gemini, with a culmination of some kind in about two weeks at Full Moon. You’ll find yourself planning how to improve your work routine, start a diet for real and stick to it, and really incorporate exercise to your daily regime. A walk for even 15 minutes is better than nothing!


CAPRICORN – This could be a new start regarding pleasures in life – parties, outings, theater. Make a point of scheduling them into your often work-only oriented calendar. Sometimes, Capricorns forget to have fun, and now’s a good month to incorporate it in your life. Romance is likely to blossom. You can make a new start if already in a relationship, or if single, opportunities will easily find you. Taurus New Moon is both romantic and solid. Usually, commitment is not an issue with this sign. Sensual pursuits as in massage and luxury treatments as well as the obvious, may beckon, too. Another way to express the joyful side is to be creative – draw, paint, act, sing, write with unbridled imagination, and dance!


AQUARIUS – You’re usually out and about, and may actually feel staying home means you’re a failure of some kind, so what comes over you with the New Moon in Taurus highlighting your home area can be a surprise. Out of the blue, you may want to start a new project that makes you stay more at home. It could be a new decoration plan, or more elaborate remodeling. You could just find yourself saying ‘no’ to the social invites and engagements, and prefer staying in, maybe using the time to literally plant things in your garden. Being an Aquarius, you could also just plan what to start in your head, while staying home.


PISCES – Your urge to communicate may go to overdrive during this New Moon. The always changeable and often fun-loving Pisces may have so many new impulses as to how to proceed with neighborhood projects that some of them simply have to go. You can become too energized with the 3rd house mixing with your innate need to have change. Taurean energy most probably will rein it in, giving you the ability to make solid plans that will bear fruit in the coming weeks. Others may be surprised at your dependability and ability to stay the course now.

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