Taurus new moon: plant wisely

Taurus new moon

New Moon in 16 degrees Taurus on May 6 is the time to solidify what you may have planned to plant during the excitement of the first spring season, with the Moon in Aries. That was the time to initiate, and now it’s the time to do the actual sowing of the seeds. If you have anything near 16 degrees of Taurus of the other fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, this will affect you more than most. What way, depends on the planet or point it touches.

Taurus time invites everyone to go within, and to reassess what you value. It’s asking, what am I planting? What kinds of seeds am I sowing now.

These questions don’t just mean literally planting flowers and vegetables, it also means making sure the new thoughts, ideas, projects that you’re planning are in keeping with your values.

Everyone knows Taurus is to do with finances, with concrete things you can feel and touch, but Taurus is more.

What do I value? Is what I’m doing in line with my inner core? Will these seeds I plant now bear fruit according to my best direction in life? Who will my actions profit, what kinds of ripples of actions am I setting in motion?

The questions may pause you.

It’s good to plan projects and finances of any kind during this Taurus moon, but the deepest question is, what do I do to get there? If in fulfilling and reaching my goals, I breach my values and even perhaps harm others, then will what I stand to get either fulfill me or be for my greatest good?

Taurus is asking to look at the long term.

Assessing your goals for the coming month, and beyond is priority now.

If what you’re planting will both bear fruit in the coming months, and is in line with your values then it’s a good time to start.

All New Moons, and the few days before and after are a good time to really concentrate on what you would like to see as an outcome. Taurus especially is about being solid, concentrating, making real.


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