Symbolism:bunny rabbit – luck

bunnyThis morning when I woke up, I glanced out the window and saw a little bunny grazing on the grass in my yard. He or she stopped here and there, eating the grass seeds that have not yet sprouted, I think.

When an animal catches your eye like this, it has a message, just like everything around you, if you choose to look and understand.

Bunny, hare, rabbit – to me it always symbolizes luck and even happiness, some kind of a new beginning, protection. Seeing them makes me happy, so I take it as a good sign for the rest of the day. Something is about to happen that will multiply, just like the rabbits do!

In Native American tradition rabbit symbolizes fears and making them happen by your very fear. I can understand that reasoning, I see why.

But I choose to believe in the happy bunny of my childhood and my own tradition. Bunnies bring luck, happiness, new beginnings. The bunny outside my window seemed happy enough, having breakfast and just hopping around later. Happy Sunday!

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