Venus enters Taurus: love you can depend on

cat mom smallLove comes in many forms, but many agree mother’s love  comes close to ideal. Venus represents love, Taurus is the sign of endurance, long term commitment and staying the course no matter what.

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Today, as Venus is in the first degree of the earth sign Taurus, it’s good to remember love in all its forms. It’s not just mother love, of course, but anyone finding someone to love in the same way as the ideal mother love is very fortunate.

Cats are known to be excellent moms. While love is not just about taking physical care of someone as in nurturing, in the sign of Taurus it comes closely to mind.

Cat also symbolizes the unknown, instinctual, sensual side of the feminine. They’ve known for their mysterious ways, and can captivate – or even frighten some, especially men, and the energy is very feminine. They’re also very independent, sometimes moody, and sometimes extremely affectionate, seemingly tuning to your moods if in need of comfort. A purring cat sitting on your lap is Venus in Taurus kind of love too!

Venus in Taurus also loves luxuries, fine wine and dining. Also jewelry, expensive preferred. Maybe it’s time to look after the woman in your life by providing her with some of the life’s pleasant treats. Mother’s Day is approaching. Although Moon symbolizes being a mom more, Venus in Taurus comes close.

In a relationship, Venus in Taurus person is dependable, can be possessive, seductive, charming, and taking care of expenses, unless severe afflictions exist.

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