Mars sign – how does he act in a relationship?


Everyone has Mars in their chart, but it’s especially important in a man’s chart because it’s THE planet of masculinity and drive. It shows how he acts, how strong he is, how sexual he is, and how he uses his energy. Mars also symbolizes what makes your man tick. Its position by house shows what area of life he puts his passion into – I’ll cover that in a separate article.

Mars sign has to always be combined with the Sun sign especially, and also with other factors in a birth chart, but a strong Mars will usually show even is the rest of the chart is not so driven.

Below, I’ve written a short description of what to expect from your man according to his Mars sign – and I’ve used movie stars and musicians as examples – this does not mean your own man is exactly like they are, obviously, but it will give you a good idea of the meaning.

Mars in its purest form is the warrior who fights the good fight for his woman.


MARS IN ARIES – Mars is strong in its own sign. It brings out the fighter, pioneer, and leader who’s often fearless in situations requiring physical courage or strength. Depending on the aspects and other planets, this can mean recklessness, as the impulse to act without thinking is very strong. Mars in Aries man will charge into a raging fire without a thought in order to save someone, he’ll be the first to plan a new venture, and in the bedroom you can expect hot action as well. If this strong energy is unchecked or out of balance, it can result in violence and aggression. Examples of Mars in Aries are Russell Crowe, Daniel Craig, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the last one an example of Mars in Aries gone wrong.


MARS IN TAURUS – Mars by nature is action, taking initiative, charging ahead. In the sign of Taurus, it gets a little complicated. Taurus is slow and measured, liking to assess risks before action, so Mars here will definitely not act so impulsively. It can be a little tough for this Mars to get moving, but don’t get it wrong, once he does, there’s no stopping – in every situation. Think of the bull that’s been goaded to action! Mars in Taurus can also mean dependability, reliability, and him putting his energy into solid planning of finances especially. Examples of Mars in Taurus include Kanye West, Tom Cruise, and Henry Cavill.


MARS IN GEMINI – Mars energy in the changeable sign Gemini can come out as a need to explore many avenues of action. Gemini is interested in so many things, and Mars in Gemini man may want to explore all of them. This can also include many relationships, many ladies. If staying with one woman faithfully is your number one requirement in a man, this may not be the best choice, although remember, this energy is filtered through other factors in the chart, such as the Sun, Ascendant, and so on. If they show another kind of motivation dominates, then this can merely mean a man who has many interests and no doubt likes the opposite sex, but it can stay just on the friendship level. Examples of Mars in Gemini men are Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Arnie Schwarzenegger, and Sean Connery.


MARS IN CANCER – In the sensitive, feeling sign of Cancer, Mars can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable. Its basic urge to act without thinking or feeling is tempered down by consideration for others, especially those who are near and dear in the home front. Home can expand to include the whole homeland, though, and there’s no one more protective of his own family of roots and heritage. If you are interested in a more ‘man’s man’, generally speaking Mars in Cancer probably would not suit you. But he’s a sensitive lover, a supporter of family, and he’ll protect the homeland to the end. Examples include Chris Hemsworth, Keanu Reeves, and Zayn Malik.


MARS IN LEO – This man is quite keep to impress, and he’ll do a lot to make him adore him. He likes to be center stage, and most probably he’ll find himself in a leadership position of some kind. He’s likely to be generous and shower you with gifts, entertainment, and compliments, seduce you with ardor, and make you feel like a queen – as long as you’ll stay adoring and don’t question his whereabouts or interests too much. Examples are George Clooney, Channing Tatum, and Sting.


MARS IN VIRGO – Here’s the perfectionist, so he’ll be interested in and knowledgeable about techniques that gets his energy noticed. This applies in all situations, in work, at home, in love. As long as he can be of service and prove his usefulness he’s happy how his Mars energy is working. Expect techniques that work and concern for your well being, while not being too emotional about it. Mars in Virgo taken to the extreme can show a man who’s out to prove his technique works with many partners, so be aware if in a love relationship. Examples include Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, and Johnny Depp.


MARS IN LIBRA – Mars in the sign of relationships that’s ruled by Venus can become a little confused. Mars is the male principle of action, Venus is the basic urge to attract. Here, the Martian drive is blunted by the need to relate one to one, really considering the other. Mars is kind of ‘me first’ while Venus is “let’s do this together”. It can be a little hard for a man with this placement of Mars to initiate action, there’s none of the trademark rashness Mars can show in other signs, especially in Aries, the sign opposite Libra.  At the same time, this man will be considerate of your needs, always ready to try to sort any possible relationship problems, and very much in love most of the time. It can be a seductive kind of relationship energy around him. Examples of Mars in Libra include Elvis Presley, Zak Effron, and Freddie Mercury.


MARS SCORPIO – In the second sign it rules, (Mars rules both Aries and Scorpio), while Mars energy is tempered more than in Aries, it has more staying power. Aries acts quickly but can burn out just as quickly, finding hard to finish the many projects he starts. Not so in Scorpio. It may take a little while for this fixed sign to start acting, but have no doubt, with his formidable tenacity, he’ll see whatever he started to the end. In a relationship there’s little doubt who the man is and who the woman, and he acts and talks like the conqueror. Expect fireworks in all areas of your life, especially in the bedroom. Examples of Mars in Scorpio are Leonardo DiCaprio, Jimmy Hendrix, and Charlie Sheen.


MARS IN SAGITTARIUS – With Mars in the sign of the explorer, your man may choose to ‘shoot his arrows’ far and wide. He’ll have many interests and he’ll like to travel long distance. New horizons always seem to beckon him, it would not be wise to expect him to stay put for too long. Unfortunately, it can also mean while he loves you, he may find he loves others as well at the same time and forget to tell you. It’s not that he’s deceptive by nature, it’s just that he expects you to understand you’ll always be his one and only since he committed to you. It all makes perfect sense to him, if you cannot quite see the logic, he may not be the one for you. Examples of famous Mars in Sagittarius men include Bradley Cooper, Liam Hemsworth, and Ryan Gosling.


MARS IN CAPRICORN – This is the real heavy-weight sign of the zodiac for Mars to be in. Mars is said to be ‘exalted’ here, and what it means the Capricornian caution before acting is seen as very good for the Mars that can get out of control. A metaphor sometimes used for this Mars placement is Mars in Capricorn is “the general”, meaning he’ll take the long term, overall view of the situation before going ahead with action. At the same time, he is commanding, considerate, and thinking in long term with you in relationship too. If long term strategy and maybe having to wait for things appeal to you over direct, fast action, look no further. Examples of this Mars placement are Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner, and Orlando Bloom.


MARS IN AQUARIUS – Mars in Aquarius man really doesn’t want to feel tied down to one course of action in any way, and that goes in a relationships as well. He’ll likely be so interested in many broad-based causes and concerns, chances are he’s often out somewhere putting his Mars energy into somehow looking after the good of many. It’s very commendable, however, if you’re expecting one to one intimacy and at least occasionally feeling your man puts you first, take a deep breath. He’s likely to take a hike if you press the issue too much. On the good sign of the equation, he has broad-based appeal, usually an innovative approach to projects, and that may include you –his ‘love’ project. Enjoy it while it lasts! Examples include Gerard Butler, Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber.


MARS IN PISCES – This man will like to use his imagination before taking action, so don’t be surprised if it takes him a while to ask you out even if the romance has been brewing forever. He’s most probably taking his time, imagining the best date ever with you, or otherwise, if the negative side takes over, playing over and over in his mind how you’ll turn him down once he does. He’s a sentimental, romantic lover once you do get together, and being with him may feel a little like being in a dream. He probably likes to set up things to do for your dates, and they may include moody, transcendental places, heavy partying, and lots of fun-filled action both out an in the bedroom. Famous Mars in Pisces men include David Beckham, Bono, and Rob Lowe.

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