Forecast: Full Moon in Scorpio April 22, 2016


April Full Moon happens in 2 degrees Scorpio on 22nd, US Eastern time.  While New Moon is a time to start and initiate, Full Moon is a time to bring to fruition. At this Full Moon, be on a lookout for moods that change quickly, feeling unsettled and emotional outbursts, especially since the intense Scorpio is involved.

Below is an outline of how this affects each zodiac sign – always remember, this is just a sketch of the how this affects a person, with each sign on the Ascendant in turn. If you have the Sun or Moon in the signs, you’ll feel this more, too. For more, use the online calculator at, or at, use an ephemeris or talk to an astrologer.


ARIES – This Full Moon falls on your two houses of money, across the 2/8th axis. If you started something financial at the last New Moon – now’s the time to see if it brings to you what you planned.  It may simply be that you realize it really wasn’t such a good idea, and let it go, Full Moon is a time of giving up something you don’t need. It could also bring you money, either your own or from a partner. In every case, expect high drama and a heightened sense of what’s yours and what is shared. This will heat up your bedroom, too!


TAURUS – Relationship versus ‘me’ – that’s the question now as the Sun sits on the Ascendant and Moon highlights your partner. It can be a magnetic attraction across the highly sensual signs, encounters of the Scorpio – and Taurus kind are in the cards, with heightened emotions.  What started about 2 weeks ago maybe just in your own mind will now come to light. If you started a romance at the Aries New Moon time, then this can result in splitting apart. The issues will come out to the open, dissected and either result in more commitment or – leaving.

GEMINI – This could mean some secret ferrets its way out of the back closet of your mind just when you least wanted it. With the Sun in your 12th and Moon in 6th, traumatic issues affecting health can surface, you may even have unexpected flashbacks to past lives. It pays to prepare: if you feel a conflict is coming at work or an institution, or your relationship is getting pulled apart, it may be best to just retreat for now, as the 12th house suggests. Try to remember, it may all be just your nerves acting up.


CANCER – The Full Moon falls across your romance – social groups/friends axis, and it can get hectic with all the goings on. Scorpio on the cusp of the house of romance, Taurus pulling you in from the friends… this could be a romance with a friend, but definitely with benefits. On the other hand, depending on your past conduct, something may come to light about a fling you started a couple of weeks ago during the New Moon, but wanted to keep private.


LEO – With your ruler, the Sun on top of the chart in 10th house, the pull to shine in your career is strong, even if it goes against your lunar nurturing homey side. There can be strife relating to how much time you spend at home, and accusations that all you care about is status and how the boss regards you. Taurus usually keep a cool head, unless needlessly provoked – Scorpio Moon in the area of life that describes you home can cause havoc both at home and in your work – if you let it. With Leonine nonchalance, you may decide to ignore the high emotions at home and take care of business.


VIRGO – This dramatic Full Moon can see you thinking of travel, but where to go, that’s the question. The push-pull of the solar-lunar dance happens in the two houses of travel, 3rd and 9th. The emotional, changeable Moon wants to just go somewhere nearby perhaps for a romantic tryst near the ocean away from home, but the Sun in 9th wants more. Long distance travel calls, and this could be a little conflict between either the two sides of you, or actually you and your lover – but nothing too serious. Travel near or far is on the cards.


LIBRA – Sun in 8th, Moon in 2nd – this can be senses gone wild, money matters out of hand, or tantric love. Full Moon energy is so akin to a relationship, even if you’re alone now, somehow the eternal dance between male and female enters into the equation. It could be an inner debate over whether to think more seriously sharing your all with someone, over ‘I need to look after me first’.  Librans rarely feel happy alone, though, so if alone, this is an easy one for most Librans. But it can be a very deeply and emotionally satisfying union during this Full Moon.


SCORPIO – Full Moon on your Ascendant, the Sun in your 7th of close personal relationship – the scene is set for ‘me in here, you out there’ kind of relationship drama. It could be you retreat into the Scorpio Moon’s bad side, and see imagined slights when your partner is simply trying to clear the air by reasoned discussion – or Taurus the Bull at the other end of this equation wants their way no matter what, nothing reasonable here. On the other hand, many decide to turn a new leaf and use the transforming, healing Scorpio lunar energy and the patient, steady Taurus Sun to simply complement each other.


SAGITTARIUS – Freedom-loving Sagittarians could feel a little hemmed in during this Full Moon from the secretive Scorpio Moon in the house of secrets and isolation opposite the practical no-nonsense Taurus Sun in the 6th house. You may simply feel an unease, and urge to run because your strong inner sense tells you something’s afoot, dark, deep emotions that you usually prefer to leave just there, in the shadows of the 12th house. But during the Full Moon, light illuminates even the dark recesses, and your fears come to light – for you to confront them and to realize, they were only shadows.


CAPRICORN – This Full Moon illuminates issues about friendships, causes, and groups versus creative avenues that center on self more. What started as a friendship in a group gathering of some kind about 2 weeks ago can now turn into a romantic encounter. But it’s possible it will stay just that, a romantic encounter during the excitable Full Moon pulling you toward your house of romance.


AQUARIUS – Home or work? Aquarians face this question at this emotional Full Moon across the 4th/10th houses, two of the important angles in a birth chart. With the Moon in 10th in Scorpio, emotions could run high at work place, or your boss, especially a female boss could seem a little irrational or at least out of sorts. It could also be something culminates now – a project that started a few weeks back. You could also let go of some pet project, closing a chapter at work. At home, it’s more peaceful, with home comforts and stability, keep your emotions in check!


PISCES – It’s going to be tough for you to make up your already changeable mind about what to do, where to go during this Full Moon. Your emotions keep demanding you need a big change of scenery, while the practical side of you is content at exploring the neighborhood. Or it can be you want to travel far – and your date doesn’t. Compromises usually work very well – so don’t let the high emotions get in the way, you can decide on travel in your mind, as in an exciting new movie, or going to a meditation group for the first time. Exploring new vistas comes in many forms!

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