Mercury trine and Mars square Jupiter: Inspiring words and plans

inspiring wordsWith the always fiery Mars in the sign Sagittarius of even bigger fire, and Mercury in the earth sign Taurus igniting Jupiter, it’s easy to get into verbal arguments or at the very least overpower others with your speech – or other kinds of communication.

Jupiter is in the earth signVirgo. With the abundant mental energy created by the planet combo, a good outlet would be to make concrete plans for your next business venture, or spend time planning how to uplift people – Jupiter always wants to make things better, Mercury adds to the mental aspect, and there’s no stopping Mars, even when it’s a square. In some ways, it’s even stronger because the friction it causes propels you toward direct action.

The Moon also joins in this exuberant energy by a sextile from the sensitive, gentle Cancer. Today, and the next few coming days, take time to quite literally plant the seeds of your harvest to come as in gardening, and figuratively by planting the seeds of your future plans. It’s an inspired and inspiring few days. Use the raw passion from Sagittarius Mars to inspire and uplift, not to start arguments, and all will be well.

You’ll feel this personally more if you have personal planets and points anywhere near 14 degrees (within 2 degrees) mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Go to or to find out where your planets are, or contact me at Happy inspiring thoughts!




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