Moon conjunct Venus at 0 degrees Aries: Love the world

spiritual love small

The first point of Aries is a degree that starts the zodiac. Although the actual star constellations against which planets revolve are in different places now from when the ancients first coded astrology due to precession, modern astrologers know the starting point defines the time-space horoscopes (or birth charts) use from there on. Astrological tradition doesn’t work because of this, but because as anyone using it for a length of time knows, in the words of Isaac Newton, “Sir (Halley), I have studied the matter, you have not!”

I don’t know how it works, nor does anyone else, but it does work. Many things in this world worked before anyone actually proved ‘how’ .

Moon and Venus togetherat this powerful point can bring universal love to our planet even briefly!

Anything at 0 degrees Aries is said to be so important it’s going to affect the world-at-large in some way.

Venus and Moon equal love – in Aries, add energy, passion and pioneer spirit. Let love reign today, imagining what the world could be like. It’s worth putting your energy into bringing it into reality.




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