Jupiter square Saturn: Trust

trustOptimism meets a huge roadblock when Jupiter, the planet that has faith everything’s alright meets with Saturn, the planet that says ‘not so fast, Jupiter’.

When the road seems blocked beyond any hope of finding another way, Jupiter calls on its innate faith and optimism, trusting everything will work out.

Not so Saturn, immovable as a rock, demanding this is where you stay, no matter what.

Trusting that somehow the obstacles will be cleared requires being able to see the big picture, to project out to the stars like Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter rules. If the block is in front of you, look above, see the stars. Imagine flying free.

Often, it just takes time for things to change on their own accord. Everything has a rhythm and a time of its own – Saturn is a hard taskmaster, but even Saturn has time limits. Saturn blocks and times have a beginning, middle, and ending. For those in-between times, like when Jupiter squares Saturn, faith and trust in universe is the only way forward.




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