April forecast – First New Moon after Spring Equinox

aries warrior - smallThe first New Moon in Aries after Spring Equinox is a time to set your intention for the coming year, this year it’s on April 7. During the few days before, during and after the New Moon, it’s a good idea to write down, draw, paint, or imagine what you’d like the coming year to bring.

This forecast applies to you if you have Sun, Ascendant, or a cluster of planets in the sign, although for a full picture, you’ll need the whole individual horoscope. Here’s a link to calculate your birth chart if you don’t know your Ascendant or planet signs: www.astrolada.com/birthchart-calculator.

ARIES – If you’ve been hesitating about taking charge, now’s the time to take initiative, especially if your project involves you personally taking on a demanding challenge. This month is set to bring out your inner warrior, even if he or she’s been hiding.  If you’re a athlete, go for the hardest competition, if a businessperson, start that new project you’ve had on the back burner, if you need to fight for what you believe in, now’s the time.

TAURUS – This is a good month to forge ahead  with the secret new investment plan you’ve been harboring at the back of your mind, although keep it still secret from others. In the quiet, fertile ground of your imagination, finalized your plans, and outline in paper or computer the concrete steps for your big, bold move in finances. But it’s advisable to keep it to yourself still for this month. The time to bring it out to the open is next month.

GEMINI – During this New Moon that increases energy, it’s a good idea for you to start a new project to help others. You can express your inner warrior spirit in an email campaign, or apply your excellent mind to planning pioneering, new projects centering on how to make the world a better place, in any way you choose. One thing to go for this month is to initiate a neighborhood party/fundraiser just to communicate and keep the community spirit going. Invite all your friends, too. Don’t keep in your ideas any longer, make them real now by writing and letting other know.

CANCER – There’s no better time than now to approach the boss with your new plans of how to build up the business bottom line, and getting a promotion to fit your career goals is also very possible. The New Moon in your career area invites you to make a direct proposition with nothing held back. If you’re in a business of your own, try charging ahead with Aries-like confidence, although it’s not so familiar to you. Chances are you’ll feel the surge of energy anyway in this area of life. It’s a very good month for you to take initiative in your career.

LEO – You may start to plan a vacation somewhere far away and exotic, broad horizons appeal to you during this month. Taking a vacation is a good way to channel your inner fire. But you can also travel far in your mind, branching out into new modes of thinking and expanding your mind with new, philosophical or spiritual ideas. You’ll feel optimistic now, and ‘the wind is on your back’ this month.

VIRGO – Analysis and how everything works are usually on your mind. During this energizing New Moon, channeling your mind to start a new, pioneering research project on the cutting edge is just one of the ways to be productive.  You’re interested in analysis and technique – this month, you can start researching how to connect with others in deep meditation or subliminal level, or start researching into the best techniques in bed or new financial ventures for couples.

LIBRA – This month is a great time to renew and revitalize your close personal bonds with your partner – in marriage, or any other partnership. If your romance has become stale, initiate new ventures with your loved one: plan a romantic getaway, start a project with him or her you’ve both wanted to do so long, but make sure you’ll do it together. The same goes for any partnerships, make plans for something new. All it takes is you initiating it by yourself first –Aries New Moon is asking you to take initiative in your love life and partnerships.

SCORPIO – Work is on your mind – you’ll want to be sure the new idea you’ve had takes off in the best possible way. During this energetic New Moon that resonates with your inner Mars, don’t be afraid to take bold action. If the boss hasn’t been listening, make sure they do now by not giving them a chance to weasel out of a meeting to propose your brilliant new plan of attack at work place. Book a time, and if he or she tries to change it, go in there, with your computer at the ready to show your plan’s profitability. Your energy will impress.

SAGITTARIUS – If ever there was a time to shoot out your arrows of creativity, it’s now! Go out and audition for the acting or dance role although you still feel you’re not ready, or start writing the long awaited script playing in your head only so far. Romance will be on your mind – initiating new contacts will just happen, you won’t need astrological advice for that during this Aries New Moon month. Remember, sometimes it’s easy to start and initiate – but not so easy to go all the way to finish line. Pace yourself, be true.

CAPRICORN – It’s a good idea to start re-organizing your home base at this New Moon – or if you’ve been putting off listing your home on the real estate market, go for it! Your home life needs a boost, the proverbial kick in the behind, things just have got to get moving in new direction here, and chances are, you feel it. You can lead by quick, new action although it’s not really you, and see if it not only produces results, but feels exciting. You may consider adopting your inner warrior for other times, too, even if it’s not spring New Moon.

AQUARIUS – Think, communicate! Put your excellent brain cells into action by communicating to your neighbors your new plan about how to better recycle everything from socks to scraps, or maybe write a proposal for the new community park, something that benefits everyone in the neighborhood. With the new fire in you at the Aries New Moon, they will take notice. It’s a good month to communicate with your friends in the neighborhood, as well as your brothers and sisters. As a rule, humanity at large takes all your attention – this month, try connecting with your friends right there, next door.

PISCES – If you’re dreaming about riches, now’s a good month to make concrete plans and to take action regarding bank accounts and savings. Others may be surprised that you suddenly turn your imagination and initiative into how to budget and invest in a long term plan, but let them wonder. You may even have very Piscean fun bringing to reality those fabulous ideas about how to make money you’ve had forever. Remember: concrete plans, step by step goals work – and make sure you start now!

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