Jupiter conjunct North Node trine Pluto: HOPE

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Most of us have been there. The road ahead is unclear, which way to turn? You start to lose hope there’s even going to be a solution, the road of no-hope will go on forever.

Just then, on this auspicious Jupiter/North Node/Pluto day, a sign pops up: Every day is the right way, every road leads to happiness, IF you let it, if you don’t give up hope!

Astrologically, Jupiter is the great benefic, bringer of luck and all good things, Moon’s North Node is a point to go towards for best results, and Pluto gives in-depth assistance this time, because it’s a trine. Jupiter and North Node are in the sign of Virgo, the harvest and sustenance, and Pluto is in Capricorn, the steady traveler that won’t give up.

Don’t ever give up hope. The transformation and transmutation of hopelessness is easier now than most times.




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