Mercury square Saturn: Depression

depressionWith Mercury in the imaginative sign of Pisces and Saturn the roadblock in the sign of Sagittarius or expansion, guess what can expand? Those imaginary or otherwise problems in your life. Mercury is thoughts going around and around in your head, and Saturn in whatever sign it is, says, stop, you’re here now, and you have to face it.

The problem is that even though it’s Saturn, the potential is there for the bad thoughts and depression to become so exaggerated  with Sagittarian flare they take over your day.

But don’t forget, Mercury is sextile Pluto in Capricorn at the same time, making this a moment to take advantage of the opportunity to transform this negative thinking.And Mercury transits pass fast, in a few days they’re gone.

So imagine shooting your troubles far away. Try putting all of them into an (imaginary) balloon, and blast them into the outer rim of the galaxy! Yay, feeling better already!

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