Saturn sign – karma, what to do about it


Many things in a horoscope show what your karma is – this post starts with Saturn in signs. Moon’s nodes, and the Moon itself and the placement of Pluto are also important. All show either easy or tough karma, and for guidance how to overcome those blocks, look to their good aspects, or North Node of the Moon. Saturn stays in one sign for about 2.5 years, so you’ll share similar karma with many who are the same age. If you don’t know where your Saturn is, you can use this free calculator here:

If your Saturn is in a close aspect with any planets, but especially with Sun, Moon or Ascendant, its effects magnify.

Saturn in ARIES – In this life, when you try to lead, others don’t follow, or your initiative gets blocked all the time. You’re challenged in how you assert yourself. In the past, you trod carelessly, breaking rules to get ahead, paying attention to only your own advancement. A strong ‘me first’ attitude caused pain to others. You may have been a mercenary who ran roughshod over helpless civilians, or a pioneer who simply went too far in his or her zeal to ‘go West’, hurting anyone who crossed his or her path. Now you need to find balance, by taking others into account every time, and restoring balance in heated situations without resorting to aggression.

SATURN in TAURUS – Managing your money and assets are the stumbling block for you, and the feeling you’re worth nothing makes you go overboard trying to gather riches that still elude you. In the past, your whole attention went into accumulating money and other resources for yourself, ignoring others. You may have been a banker hoarding resources when everyone else around you starved, or you could have placed sensual pleasures above anything else as a wealthy courtesan, at the expense of genuine caring relationships. Now you’re here to learn the value of how to share, and how to be gracious in your intimate relationships, giving and receiving freely.

SATURN in GEMINI – It’s possible you struggle with how to express yourself, or you don’t feel quite as smart as many others. This Saturn sign shows you may have acted intellectually superior and hurt others in the past. You may have been a brilliant public figure who used his or her excellent mind and communication skills to demean others, or an intellectually superior lecturer grading students according to how they spoke, not their knowledge. Now you’re required to find acceptance of others as they are, not just based on their mental gifts, but also to inspire and uplift them.

SATURN IN CANCER –  Showing affection in family situations can be a problem for you, and you may feel no one’s ever there for you from your own family. You may feel like a stranger in your own home, and an alien in your own culture. It’s possible you resent your family for not being free to follow your career without hindrance. In the past, you may have been a mother neglecting her kids, not showing them affection, or sometimes they may not have had had enough clothes and food. You could have been so attached to your own culture you shut out the rest of the world and may have been hostile toward them. Now, you’re required to become a responsible caregiver, who uses his or her gifts to make sure children get the best possible upbringing, and are being taken care of in every possible way, including emotionally, and also to welcome everyone in the family of humankind.

SATURN IN LEO – This position can make you feel invisible, and that you’ll never get anywhere in life. In the past, you could have been a ruthless tyrant who turned your back on the suffering of common folk. You may have been a king, a corrupt public official figure, or an uncaring entertainer who used his or her fame to trample on others. Now your mission is to care about everyone, learning how to be part of the larger community in a humble position but where you can still let your heart shine, and then once again it’s possible to regain powerful position in society.

SATURN IN VIRGO – Managing everyday life in an orderly fashion may feel like an impossible task with this placement. In the past you cared so much about the rules and regulations that you forgot what it’s like to be a fallible human, now learning that sometimes it’s not so easy with this Saturn placement. You may have been an overbearing hospital administrator who didn’t let one wrinkled apron go by without severe reprimand, or an over strict school ma’am. This time around, you’re here to learn discipline in everyday life, but to also show compassion to those who are not able to perform to strict rules and sometimes miss the mark.

SATURN IN LIBRA – Relationships – close personal ones in particular are your Achilles’ heel this time around. No matter what you do, love seems to elude you, and you find yourself alone – again. You may have been a wife who took her husband’s affection for granted and spent your time in useless gossip and even cheating, or a calculating husband who thought nothing of using his career as an excuse to be away all the time. Now it’s time to repay that karmic debt by learning to appreciate your loved ones for who they are, and by showing that caring in your actions, taking initiative and putting your drive into making them happy.

SATURN IN SCORPIO – It can be hard to give and receive in any situation with this Saturn, but especially in intimate situations. You can also feel powerless and unable to resist others who get you to do what they want. In the past, you may have used you personal magnetism to get your way at all cost without consideration of others. You may have been a business magnate with immense resources who got there by ruthless, manipulative means or someone who used his or her sexuality to obtain secrets and power. You’re required to develop dependability, being supportive and staying the course now, being straightforward in your dealings with others in emotionally charged important relationships.

SATURN IN SAGITTRIUS – It’s possible you feel your curiosity and quest for higher education or any kind of spiritual or philosophical knowledge are blocked every time you try, and if you do succeed, it turns out to be not what you wanted. In the past, you may have used philosophy or political manipulation to knowingly mislead others to bring the desired results. You may have been a false guru, or an advertising executive who used his or her knowledge of people’s weaknesses to get ahead. Now, you’re required to use your analytical mind to first get the facts right, and then give the knowledge out clearly to benefit philosophical and spiritual seekers.

SATURN IN CAPRICORN – Here, Saturn is in its own sign, and it speaks of heavy responsibilities that somehow went wrong in the past, and as a result you’re now denied advancement in your career. You may have been an overzealous government official who used his or her position in an unethical manner, or an iron-fisted business leader who tolerated no opposition. This time around, you’ll need to find and use compassion in all your dealings with others in subordinate position. Until you do, your advance to these most likely will be blocked.

SATURN IN AQUARIUS – Everyone in a group, and their cause are so important to you that you forget to notice of and to take care of those nearest and dearest – your children, or your loving romantic partner. In the past, you may have taken this tendency even further, becoming the zealot who sacrificed your personal life to some imagined common good, or an inventor who acted so superior because of the contribution to humanity your inventions made, that you forgot your own humanity. Now, you’re asked to use your heart, not your head, while still making important contributions to humanity at large.

SATURN IN PISCES – If you find it hard to believe in the invisible worlds and spiritual forces, or if your imagination simply isn’t there, karmic debts may be the cause. In the past, you may have been a dreamer who never made his or her visions real, or a poet whose words never got on paper because you couldn’t find the discipline to sit down and write. You could also have been an addict who squandered his or her life away, not using your sensitivity to uplift others. Until you learn to discipline your vision with day–to-day ‘just doing it’, your road to fulfillment through imagination, spirituality, or meditation will always seem to go wrong. It all starts with putting one foot in front of the other, one step at the time.


While these, there’s truth in all of them. Saturn’s effects will change according to its aspects and house placement. More about Saturn’s aspects and house placements, the Moon, and the Moon’s nodes coming soon.

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