SPECIAL OFFER $100, includes all the services below in one report, about 14 pages. sun moon stars

Email for information.

Order reports here using PAYPAL. After ordering, please send me an email with your DATE, EXACT TIME, AND PLACE OF BIRTH. If you don’t know your time of birth, let me know, and I’ll work with you!

Answer to a question about love, marriage, business, work etc. $60

In depth written horoscope report,  10 to 14 pages. $220

A shorter horoscope, focusing on up to 3 questions, 6 to 7 pages $110

Follow up forecast each year, about 4-5 pages $80

Detailed relationship report, 10 – 14 pages $220

Karma in chart and the best direction in this life; your life’s purpose. Length depends of the chart indicators and insights $300

Sample reading available, please email me.

I prefer payment by PayPal, but contact me for other methods.

For more information, leave a comment or email

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