Eclipse March 8 at 18 degrees Pisces – endings and beginnings

sun neptuneWith Pisces energy magnified in tomorrow’s eclipse, you may feel disoriented during the few days leading up to it, and well into future months.

If you have planets in 18 degrees of mutable signs, which are Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius, or even if your Sun or Ascendant are in any degree in these signs, you’ll feel a powerful surge of emotions more strongly than others. This can be unsettling, as many signs are not comfortable with the invisible emotions and increased metaphysical activity stirred up now.

Eclipses are a time of ending something, and beginning something new as a result. I’ll explain how the signs respond, grouped in what ‘mode’ they are, meaning cardinal, mutable, or fixed, and also blending in the elements air, water, fire, and earth.



PISCES is both mutable and water – this is a very potent mix for being able to transverse both physical and material boundaries. This eclipse will see increased sensitivity for the already sensitized and tuned-in Pisceans. You may find you want to finish a long term relationship, and instead concentrate on yourself, but remember, much depends on the rest of your whole individual chart.

VIRGO is mutable, and earth, making you flexible in work and health situations. You’ll feel this eclipse strongly because it’s opposite your sign, and for you, this accentuates your close personal relationships. You’ll be very likely to end an existing long term relationship, even a marriage, but here, it’s to be with someone else, not to be alone as the Pisces could easily decide to do under this eclipse.

GEMINI is mutable, and also air. The chatterbox of the zodiac, you go along with your many changing ideas and moods, free like the air! For you, the eclipse is more to do with your career and status, and you’ll feel it strongly because it’s in a tough aspect (square) with the eclipse. Have you followed your passion? Are you in the right field? If not, this eclipse may see your shifting careers, either by choice, or otherwise. But remember, it’s all for your long term good!

SAGITTARIUS is mutable and fire. Imagine a fiery outburst inside your home base metaphorically speaking. This eclipse energizes your very roots, your home and origins causing friction because it’s another square aspect. You’ll feel an urge to make a change, and this may mean a move physically for some. For others, some symbolic ending and a new beginning of a phase may happen, for example, by emotional farewells to kids going off to the world.




TAURUS, fixed and earth, may wonder what all the fuss is about, until he or she realizes something’s amiss at the usual gathering of friends. The group they belong to seem to have trouble too. Usually, it’s when the things they are used to relying don’t match anymore, that the earthy Taurus will consider the events leading up to the events when friends or groups seem ‘off’. The things to ask yourself are, could I have been more receptive to the advice of some in the group who claimed their intuition guided them, or friends who seemed hurt when you laughed about their hunches. It can be hard for you, as very practical to be guided by invisible forces, but give it a try, let new energy, friends, and groups in.

LEO, fixed fire, the fiery ruler of all others, is interested in what makes his or her ‘subjects’ happy, and this one of the reasons why this sign considers omens and signs if it helps in the process. Because the eclipse stimulates your psychic and other shared resources, it can make you even more sensitive to how you share your gifts. One avenue may close, but another will follow, as your sunny heart can easily intuit.

SCORPIO, fixed and water, is a very psychic sign, made even more so because it’s a water sign. Many are misled into thinking Scorpios are only interested in issues of sex and money, but this sign goes much deeper, wanting deep connection on all levels. The eclipse does happen in Scorpio’s romance area, though, so in this case, ending of existing relationships, and beginning of new love affairs come into equation – but only if not in a long term committed relationship like marriage already.

AQUARIUS is fixed air. Despite its name that means ‘waterbearer’, Aquarius is an air sign, meaning it’s mental, and interested in communicating. This sign is also called the ‘awakener’ results in sudden bursts of insights, not so much as the constant mental changeability of one of the other air signs Gemini. This eclipse sensitizes you to how you value yourself, and your money. Try meditation for guidance, remember you ARE worth it as an individual, and follow your hunches in money matters, too.



ARIES is cardinal (meaning leading) and fire, and here’s the warrior running head first into the heat of the battle, or saving a child in a fire. Intuitive, and quick to action, it’s not a huge stretch for you to believe in Piscean/Neptunian invisible guidance. Because this eclipse temporarily dims the light in your life that actually describes the invisible worlds, let your dreams come, and in the morning write them down in order to remember – and then follow their advice.

CANCER is cardinal and water. Emotions run freely for those with this sign dominating, and trusting your feelings is second nature to you. With your sensitivity and caring, you are probably already finishing the higher learning course you enrolled in, realizing it was the wrong one, and choosing another subject. Same goes for you long-distance travel, change of plans will be easy for you because you’ll just feel it. If others in far distant lands let you down in some way, you already intuited it, too, and are ready to move on.

LIBRA, the cardinal and air sign leads with his or her thoughts. This can be surprising, because Libra is so concerned with love, many think it’s a water sign. Librans are constantly thinking of relationships, but this is not only romantic. You’re often leaders as in dome diplomatic capacity, or peacekeepers, concerned with keeping the balance. When this eclipse upsets that balance in work or health situations, your typical Libran response can be to lead the thinking of how to overcome the situation. The eclipse can mean one job comes to an end, ending a whole phase, but you’ll soon find and start a new one.

CAPRICRON is cardinal and earth, meaning leadership here and now, and you may have the most trouble with believing in the invisible signs around you. Usually very concerned with how to get ahead here and now in a systematic, well guided path, it’s not so easy when someone talks about the eclipse that may cause havoc in your well planned travel nearby, or mess up with your communications – until it happens. You’ll soon be back on your feet, making new, solid plans. As usual, much depends on the rest of the chart, by no means are all Capricorns pragmatic.



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