Forecast for March

Here’s my  March 2016 Sun Sign / Ascendant Sign forecast. Although these are overviews for everyone in those signs, they have a lot of astrological truth. If your Sun or Ascendant or is in the sign, or you have several planets in the sign, this forecast applies to you.



Love – Thinking of taking a trip overseas with your spouse? Go for it. Short term romance may see setbacks – maybe you spend too much time at work?

Work – You’re feeling confident and powerful, others notice you but try not to be too brash. Work gives you satisfaction.

Money – Good news about money – overseas connections bring steady rewards.



Love – Your spouse assumes a commanding role, and you’re more proud than you ever admitted even to yourself. If single, this is the time you’re in demand and your sex life is joyous and there’s lots of it!

Work – Expanding to faraway places in your career comes up and is a good move. In everyday work, harmony prevails. Your mood is changeable but amicable, as you get noticed by those who matter at work.

Money – You spend lots of time thinking of best strategies to increase cash flow – and it works!



Love – This may not be the best time with your long term partner. Curb in your anger even when provoked, keep strong and silent for the sake of peace at home. Love affairs if single are more affairs of the mind now.

Work – Your work place may look into corporate adjustments – career aims need to be redefined with something more innovative. Your joy comes from staying home – surprising but sometimes necessary for the lively Gemini.

Money – Arguments over money with stony silence from your partner can lead to changing your joint financial plans.



Love – Your long terms partner comes out swinging out of the blue, and you think they’ve been stirred up by their friends. While you’re thinking of turning your short term romance into something more serious if single, your partner appears resentful.

Work – At workplace, changes and harsh words may take place. But your overall long term career goals look very promising. Your everyday thought center around work and your health. Taking up exercise is a good idea.

Money – Look for your partner’s advice about finances. Listening to those at work is not a good idea now.



Love – You’re thinking of turning your romance into something more permanent, and planning a long distance trip with your honey to seal it.      Make sure your work is well covered!

Work – Your love life is interfering with your work, and bosses are unpredictable about it. Don’t let it take your focus from long term career aim – you’ll be received well.

Money – Your expansive mood is giving in to spending although your partner objects, hesitating over your extravaganza.



Love – Your dreams can come true now – propose to your honey, and if already married, this is dream time!

Work – Let the boss hear your latest ideas and plans of how to make the company expand – he or she will hear it! Same goes for your long term career aims.

Money – All is well on the money front. Both real estate and joint finances are doing well, and your work pays dividends.



Love – You’re changeable about your love life right now, but this is nothing new to Libra. You may end up changing everything about your marriage if married, or those plans to get hitched if single.

Work – Dream big at the workplace now, but try to stay grounded all the same. Aggressively pursuing your long term career plans with those in authority could misfire.

Money – Watch out for rash investments and gambling – real estate seems a safer bet.



Love – Dreamy, steamy romance heats up even more if single, while if married, you may feel love but somehow upset your partner even though you both enjoy staying home.

Work – Watch out with your temper now, and curb your urge to be different at work. You can lose your head with your romance and forget about your career aim – but for Scorpio, it’s only temporary.

Money – You’re tempted to expand and invest, but apart from steady retirement fund at work, stay away from tempting deals offered by friends.



Love – If single, your dating life is on a see-saw now, although it actually suits you fine. If married, expect sweet word that can turn into argument in a flash – try to go outside for a walk to calm down.

Work – This is a good time period for your work. Watch out for a tendency to dream about your long term career aims in an unpractical way.

Money – Money from work is going very well this month, expect increase and expansion. But regarding risky investments, watch out as they may go up and down.



Love – While romance flourishes with if single, your marriage sees arguments and many changes of mind.

Career – Work goes well now, with career goals and everyday work gelling. There could be some sharp words over goals but nothing major. Your long term goals and dreams are transforming this week. Look over your shoulder for any possible underhand dealing.

Money – Your finances go up and down – but it’s nothing big.



Love – This month, you’re concentrating more on how you project yourself in relationships by looking at how you value yourself first. Your marriage partner tends to come into this equation later. If single, you’re not concentrating on romance now.

Work – You’re intense, unstoppable, driving hard in your career without even trying this month.

Money: Just dream big! Joining organizations will help. Try to become clear of your monetary goals although it’s not a priority for Aquarians.



Love – You could get involved with someone far away or a foreigner. It may take a little waiting to meet you for real. In more light hearted romance, expect changes of heart regarding your date. If married, a happy time for you and your spouse.

Work – Consolidate your long term plans with your everyday work. Something new, innovative will work well, and you’ll get noticed.

Money: Your finances can see ups and downs this week – don’t take advice from anyone you don’t know very well.




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