Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Dream your dream awake

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Sometimes it takes long for your dream to manifest – take courage!

The old cliche – the darkest hour is just before dawn – happens to be true.

When the darkest hour hits you, try feeling your feelings to the fullest. Just accept them. Curl down in a ball, cry your heart out, eat ice cream all day.

If your friends don’t call, the love of your life turned out to be a fraud, your kids/parents seem to hate you, got fired from your job, bank balance shows red, the bills are piling up unopened simply because you’re scared to open them – why not just try breathing deep, and saying, “Wow, I really messed this one up!”

Then go out for a walk, or if you walk every day, stay in. DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU ALWAYS DO AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

To break free and break through, SOMETHING’s got to change, right? Those self-imposed rules and walls around have to come crumbling down somehow.

If you always stay home watching TV, got out to the local watering hole – yes, alone if you need to. Talk to people, sit at the bar! Who cares. Yes, even you ladies. I’m not encouraging getting drunk and loose – I’m encouraging breaking boundaries. And if you’re a barfly, try staying home for a few nights. See what happens.

Simple tricks to change your life and mood are just that – simple!

I love you guys, anyone who stops here and registers. Apparently, I’m doing it all wrong and my SEO’s aren’t right and nobody can find me… apparently YOU can, so welcome and I wish you joy happiness, and love.

Done right, astrology is a powerful tool of guidance and finding out the cycles for your life.

Thank you for being here with me, many blessings!
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