Today’s Aspect: Mecury conjunct Venus in Aquarius

This aspect is not exact yet, but you can feel it in the coming few days, more so if you have a prominent Venus. Venus is prominent if it’s conjunct an angle: Ascendant, Midheaven, or the 4th house cusp (also called IC), or 7th house cusp (also called Descendant). Other ways in which any planet is prominent are if it’s conjunct or in a major aspect with the Sun, Moon, or in a stellium. If it’s in a ‘good’ sign for it, meaning it can bring out easier the loving side of you, it’s again more prominent. The good signs for Venus are Taurus and Libra (the signs it rules), and Pisces (it’s ‘exalted’) where it can express its compassion and love more easily.

Venus, as most people know, is the goddess of love. In anyone’s psyche, it symbolizes how you love, what you love, and what you appreciate – and also money.

In Aquarius, a sign that is not focused on personal close relationships, this can mean a more far reaching love for all humanity, as in joining good causes.

When Mercury touches Venus, sweet words flow, poetry is written, and lovers swoon. Think Valentine’s Day messages!

If you need to persuade someone of your cause, now’s the time. That money idea you had will find others receptive, too. And your sweetheart will want to hear you whisper tender sighs in their ear over and over. Don’t miss this chance!





















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