Today’s aspect: Full Moon in 3 degrees Virgo

pisces-virgoThe Sun in  Pisces is opposite Moon in Virgo today. Depending where this falls on your birthchart, you can feel a compulsion to tidy up, or in the opposite end, just give up and laze around if the Pisces end dominates. Virgo – Pisces polarity is an interesting mix of trying to bring order out of chaos versus surrendering to the unknown that can mean chaos. The key, as always is to find balance, other things in the chart confirming. Sometimes, you need to tip the balance from one to the other for you to start moving forward in life.

Those with Virgo Sun, Moon, Ascendant, strong sixth house or Mercury feel this aspect more strongly. Pisces placement are also affected strongly – Gemini and Sagittarius, the other two mutable signs can also feel this if they have planets or points in the exact or near exact degrees.

To find out your planets at birth, you can use the free calculator at


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