Article – Single gal’s guide to Valentine’s Day

If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, you’re in good company. Going by the divorce rate, it’s a reasonable guess at least half of population is alone on the big couple’s day – although it doesn’t feel so around this time of the year.

When Valentines dawns, and all you’ve got to cuddle is your teddy bear, what are you to do? If you’re not so happy about being single, think about this: What goes down, must come up. Astrology is all about time and cycles. You could be having a heavy Saturn or Pluto transit to your seventh house or Venus or other relationship indicators, and this may not be the best time for you to expect romance.

Here are some tips based on your Sun sign on what to do if alone on Valentine’s Day.

ARIES – You’re not likely to sit home moping, no matter what. Take fate in your own hands, go out to have fun, and use your own initiative to find others. If the local sports bar doesn’t interest, try going to the health club, skiing, or dancing until your moves get noticed!

TAURUS – Being one of the more sensual signs, being single doesn’t really sit well with you no matter how much you try to tell yourself it’s better than a bad relationship. Pampering yourself with aromatic baths, treating yourself to a sumptuous meal and drinks with the company of good friends will soothe you.

GEMINI – Your messages probably overflowed with flirty Valentines. Still, none of it matters if the Right One didn’t call you for to be his on this couple’s day. Let your rational side take over: go over the latest divorce rates, study your astrological cycles until ready to go out to party, alone or with company, dating or not. You know this is just a blip on the broad horizon of dating.

CANCER – Even if Netflix sad romances and tissue box ready for your tears beckon, this is no way to go! Crawling into your protective shell so no one knows how hurt you are will only make it worse. Call your mom first, take her sympathy and advice, and then go out en masse with your closest girl friends. A hearty meal and a bottle of wine shared with them will make you all laugh about your romantic adventures, and make it seem that much less serious.

LEO – While chances are that you’ve found someone to go out with whether you’re dating or not, if alone, a trip to the theater or concert is just the ticket. Just call on your closest artistic group friends, reserve tickets, and insist they just must come, and make it a fabulous party with couples and singles all together. Laughter will be your best medicine – bringing sunshine to others’ lives will uplift you in the process.

VIRGO – Officially the perpetual single of the zodiac, unofficially, Virgos are nothing like the shrinking violets they sometimes have reputation for. In fact, being single usually means deep down you feel you don’t belong to anyone at all, whether married, dating, or single, and are therefore free to experiment if you so choose. It’s complicated… If alone on Valentine’s Day, call on your ‘friends only’ male friends to go out to have fun.

LIBRA – Ouch! Being single on this most romantic couple’s day seems a disaster to you. While some other signs will take it in their stride, realizing it’s the new normal, not so with Libra. Your world is dark if there’s no one special to love for Valentine’s. Try to realize this is only passing, check your transits for clues when it will be over, and immerse yourself in beautiful things: music, flowers, clothes, beauty treatments. This too will pass.

SCORPIO – Alone on Valentine’s Day – so what! This could be your motto. Not one to show your emotions lightly, you’ll grin and bear it, while most likely crying inside. Scorpio longs to belong and merge with that special someone. For Valentine’s, most lady Scorpios know what to do anyway. Just don’t go looking in the wrong places!

SAGITTARIUS – It’s not a big deal for you to be alone on Valentine’s Day. You like to be free, darting from place to place and continent to continent. Most probably you don’t have time to start dating someone anyway. That’s so boring… You’re likely to be out somewhere with lots of people to dance and hang out with on Valentine’st, and that also includes the possibility of finding someone to love.

CAPRICORN – While you don’t exactly enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day, it hurts more if others who matter know it, so you’ll not talk about it too much, preferring to give an air that you’re out on a secret date. Always serious about life, you may start to think of your long term dating and marriage now and getting depressed, but try to remember, life is all about cycles! It will pass. Browsing for luxury, long term value items to buy online is one way to make you feel better, as it’s one step toward planning for the stable future with your man once he appears.

AQUARIUS – Single, whatever, Valentine’s or not, who cares? Aquarians are born with the knowledge you belong to the world and are here to make it better, so for you, how could a relationship with one person be so important? This is not to say you won’t cry into your pillow after partying with your group of friends until wee hours, but no one will see it, and in the morning, it will be all forgotten.

PISCES – Dreaming of love tends to be your favorite pastime, so if Prince Charming isn’t on the horizon on Valentine’s Day, you could reach for the bottle and want to drown your sorrows. A glass or two won’t hurt, but just make sure you’ll do so in good company, with your closest friends to both comfort you and to make sure you won’t wallow in it too much. Back to your dreaming the next day, you have what it takes to make it come true.


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