Article – Use your dominant element to find out compatibility

Astrologically, your dominant element has a lot to do with how you love. You can have deep emotions, live in your heart, head, initiate or procrastinate – or not. Although your Sun sign is always important, it’s not always the dominant element, because that depends on all the planets in your horoscope. Here’s a description of signs by element:

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are initiatory, enthusiastic, and energetic, with leadership qualities, but they tend to burn our quickly and don’t understand deep emotions.

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air signs are all about ideas, communicating, socializing, and mixing with many. They can live in their heads, tend to not very practical, and emotions can to leave them cold.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs are all about deep feelings and emotions. They base their decisions on how it makes them feel, are full of compassion, and often very intuitive. They can be slow to act, and resent decisions based on logic only.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth signs are practical, organized, and concerned with how to get on materially. If you can touch it, earth signs understand it. Planning, long term, staying the course is important for them, and they are wary of too quick action or ideas that seem flighty to them.

Couples in the same element usually get on well together, as do fire with air and earth with water. Here’s why:

Fire couple appreciates each others’ direct action, has lots of energy, wants to have fun, and gets the fireworks rolling fast in the bedroom.

Air couple needs to discuss in order to understand, and the fact the partner is listening even if he or she is quiet, reassures the other everything is ok. As long as communication flows, the couple is ok.

Water couple is so in love from the get go, without really understanding or needing to explain why. They just intuitively feel each other, and are sensitive to each other’s needs in and out of bedroom.

Earth couple bases everything on good planning, and that means a solid financial future, with a detailed time line of how to get there. They value each others’ dependability above everything, and can have a peaceful, long term secure life together.

Easy element mixes

Water and earth couple forms sweet islands and peaceful but sometimes stormy merging, based on the earth’s capacity to support and let water penetrate it. Metaphors, yes, but think about it. In human terms, there’s a lot potential. To lighten up, some fire or air is good for the mix, either from their extended family, close friends, or their own element balance.

Fire and air couple understands there’s more to life than here and now. Both are tuned to other realms and possibilities, often living in the future and both like quick action. In the long run, this couple would need some support from earth or water elements either from their children, or because they themselves have some in their charts, in order to stay grounded.

‘Interesting’ element mixes.

Fire and water couple produces a lot of steam, but often it soon dissipates. Fire person wants to just go and start doing things, while the water person is still thinking about how it feels to go for it. He or she may also still be hurting from something the fire person said last night, although they’ve surely forgotten it. Water person wants to have assurances of caring and deep emotional bonding, but to the fire person, the fact they’re there shows they care, so what’s the fuss? In the long term, they may drift apart.

Fire and earth may start to smother each other after the initial attraction wears out. In any case, the earth person usually feels the fire person pushed them too quickly into the bedroom, and feels cornered and let down when the fire person then doesn’t want to commit. For earth, dependability is number one, and that makes the fire person run for the hills even quicker.

Air and water couple causes a lot of waves, both soothing and erotic, but consider it as the ripples of wind on water, not lasting very long. Air is logical, bases their decisions on rational analysis, and that leaves the water partner seething with inner resentment. Water intuits what needs to be done, and scoffs on the need to analyze it to death. In the long run, it’s hard to find the common waves.

Air and earth touch but can never really mingle. Air person lives in his or her head, always thinking, writing, contacting the multitude, analyzing. Earth can be analytical too, but to him or her, it’s got to have a practical application and results or it’s not worth their time. They may meet and mate, but then carry on to more understanding partners.


Coming: compatibility guide based on the signs focusing on elements.

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