Venus with Mars – Love or conflict?

We all love ‘love and her soft hours’, to quote Shakespeare. But how does love become so complicated? Why do we fall in and out of love? In astrology, main planets symbolizing love are Venus and Mars. Which is stronger, that’s the question.

Venus at her best is soft and loving, and Mars, well, the adorable warrior whom women love for his masculine no-nonsense toughness. Both men and women have Venus and Mars in their charts, of course.

Much depends on which is stronger in an individual birth chart, and that depends on the signs, houses, and aspects. If you want to find out about a relationship between two people, astrologically, aspects between the partners’ Venus and Mars are important for sexual compatibility that many say is the cement that binds the relationship together no matter what. (I know, there are many views about that).

Let’s look at some examples.

If Mars is in its fall in the sign of Cancer, and maybe even in 4th house, that masculine energy can find it hard to assert. Conversely, in Capricorn and 10th, the energies are just right for assertion. Here’s it’s raw energy tempered by healthy dose of restraint.

But is that Mars has, say a square to Pluto, it’s not so anymore. This can describe a power mad person of both sexes, only that power usually is hidden, and all the more dangerous for its manipulative potential

If Venus is in Cancer, on the other hand, it can easily express its soft, loving side. It’s accepting and caring.

In Capricorn, not so much. Questions such as, “Will he advance my social standing?” and “What can he offer me materially?” come into the relationship from the get-go.

If Venus in  Cancer has a square to Pluto (my favorite baddie aspect today), then all that loving softness turns into a seductress who’s not so much concerned about caring, but more of the control aspects of the relationship , although not easily acknowledged.

More on different signs in later posts.




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